Downed Trees And Heavy Damage After Storm Slams Australia, Cyclone Debbie

Typhoon Deby criticized Australia on Tuesday before it weakened markedly – but the threat is not over yet. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told parliament that the conditions had “deteriorated rapidly” and that people “should be prepared for stability until Wednesday.”


North Korea May Conduct Underground Nuclear Test Soon. Next World War?

In escalating tensions in East Asia, North Korea could close its sixth underground nuclear test, according to a report quoting US intelligence gathered Friday.Two US officials, speaking to CNN, said there were artificial images of the Bungi-ri test site, which showed significant changes to the site


Mosul: Coalition Claims, We Are Witnessing The Defeat Of Isis

A spokesman for the US-led coalition said the Islamic state (Isis) was being beaten in the battle of the second city of Mosul in Iraq.


Who Is David Friedman? Benjamin Netanyahu Calls Him ‘Close Friend Of Israel’ Ambassador To Israel Confirmed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday welcomed US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. The senators voted 52 to 46 and agreed to the first choice of President Donald Trump for ambassadors. Netanyahu said Friedman would be warmly welcomed by Israel.


Plane Black Boxes May Be Analyzed In Malaysia, After MH370 And MH17

Malaysia may soon be able to continue its investigation in the event of future air disasters such as Malaysia Airlines 370 and 17. Deputy Minister of Transport Datuk Abiz Aziz Kabrawi said on Thursday that Malaysia plans to establish a laboratory capable of analyzing flight recorders, Star Online reported.

kim happy copy

Kim Jong Un’s Regime Issues Threat To US Over Possible Preemptive Strike, Where Will North Korea Bomb First?

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un issued a threat against the United States on Friday in a statement saying the United States should be prepared for “catastrophic consequences” if it tried to enter Pyongyang with preemptive strikes.


Christ’s Grave Could Collapse Completely, How Was Jesus’ Tomb Made?

The scientific team, which has just completed its restoration, believes the site, believed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ, is at risk of catastrophic collapse. A group of the National Technical University of Athens recently completed a $ 3.3 billion restoration of the site in Jerusalem, but warned that without further substantial structural work to establish it, the whole structure could be engraved.

C7jHz9bW0AAcJjn copy

At Islamic Stereotypes Following London Terror Attack Uk Muslims Are Angry

LONDON (Reuters) – Muslims in London were reacting to anger and frustration at the emergence of stereotypes about followers of their religion in the wake of a terrorist attack by the Islamic state apparently near parliament on Wednesday. The practical assumption was that the perpetrators of the leadership and stabbing attacks that killed four people and injured dozens were Muslims before the aggressor was identified.

dog-detects-breast-cancer copy

By Smelling You German Shepherd Dogs Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

What if the dog could walk across a line of people and choose from those who knew they had growth cancer in their bodies? It may seem elusive, but with proper training dogs you may be able to rinse the disease the same way you detect drugs or bombs.


What’s Next For Nato? To Deter Russian Influence In Eastern Europe Countries Look To Make Montenegro Newest Member

NATO commander-in-chief General Kurtis Scaparrotti said it was “very crucial” for NATO to ratify the small European state in Montenegro as the newest member of NATO, a move that would deter Russian influence in the Balkans on Thursday.

Abu-Sayyaf-PLN copy

Abu Sayyaf Member Following Fresh Kidnapping Philippines Forces Arrest Suspected

Philippine security forces arrested a suspected member of the Abu Sayyaf group on Thursday (March 23) who is believed to have been involved in the hijacking of a cargo boat by a cargo ship off Basilan province.The incident took place hours after the military successfully rescued two Malaysian sailors held by GIA for eight months in Sulu province.

1047908969 copy

Of Leaking Documents In Politically Motivated Attacks Fillon Accuses French President

Francois Fillon accused French President Francois Fillon of President Francois Hollande of masterminding a series of damaging leaks.Vion had a comfortable chairmanship at the polls until a scandalous work scandal erupted for his wife and children to control his campaign.

780499_1 copy

Within Hours Of Kim Jong-Un’s Orders, Warns South Korea North Korea Can Conduct Nuclear Detonation

South Korea said North Korea could conduct a new nuclear test as tension continued in the region. Preparations are under way and Pyongyang can carry out the bombing within hours of Kim Jong-un’s order.Seoul issued the warning amid concerns that the North could conduct a nuclear test in the coming weeks.


20 Injured And Two Pupils Killed In China Primary School Toilet ‘Stampede’

Two children were killed and 20 others injured after a stampede in a primary school room in central China.Chinese official media reported that Wednesday morning (March 22) the pupils in the experimental primary school No. 3 in Puyang were packed into the bathroom when others began to pay.

DB_AG_406_001-8 copy

In Switzerland With 160 People On Board Eurocity Train Derails

At least seven people were injured when the train derailed in Switzerland on 22 March.Eurochetti left 158 Milan and went to Basel. The incident occurred before arriving at the Lucerne station at about 2 pm local time (1 pm GMT), the ANSA news agency reported.

ArFighter copy

In Tabqa Dam Offensive Against Isis US-Led Coalition Backs Syrian Democratic Forces

The Arab Kurdistan Alliance of the Syrian Democratic Forces launched a new offensive against Da’ash as it advanced towards al-Raqqa, the stronghold of Islamic militants in the country.

davids-sling-3 copy

‘David’s Sling’ Almost Ready To Go Multi-Tier Air Defense System

Israel has acquired the David Sling missile system technology, which is better for short-range ballistic missiles and long-range missiles, and will improve the defense system that is most useful to them.There are great tensions between Israel and its neighbors because of the conflict between them because of their different ideologies. “This new technology will be benign for them and that will improve their defense capability.

gjgp copy

At Least 37 Get Injured After Plane Crash Land In South Sudan

Due to bad weather on Monday, a commercial plane crashed in southern Sudan, injuring 43 people on board. It is a miracle that there are minor injuries, and not even one death.The accident occurred at the Wau airport in the northwest of the country, Atheni, a presidential spokesman in southern Sudan said the pilot took the runway on unpaved ground.


Expected To Fan Religious Tension Hindu Cleric Appointed To Lead India’s Uttar Pradesh

A hardline Hindu cleric has been appointed to lead India’s most populous country, a shift in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda.Yogi Aditianath, 44, was unveiled as prime minister in Uttar Pradesh on March 18 after Moody’s victory in the state’s legislative elections a week ago.


Over Multiculturalism In TV Debate french Presidential Contenders Trade Barbs

The candidates in France’s presidential election used early televised debate to strike hard at each other’s policies on multiculturalism.Emmanuel Macaron accused Central Front candidate Marin Le Pen of dispersing Muslims. He also said that the Burkinabe swimsuit worn by some Muslim women does not pose a threat to secularism in the country.

buzz_1489114223_af_org copy

Park Geun-Hye Says ‘Sorry’ South Korea’s Tainted

South Korean leader Park Ji-hye has apologized to the public as it will face the prosecution as a criminal suspect stripped of its executive immunity as president.Park, the country’s first democratically elected leader, will be questioned by prosecutors on Tuesday (March 21st) about its role in a large-scale power scandal.

Mideast-Syria_Horo-63 copy

Between Assad’s Troops And Rebels Intense Fighting Rages On In Damascus, Syria War

Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and rebels are locked in heavy fighting in the capital, Damascus, after the anti-government forces launched a surprise attack on Sunday, March 19. Artillery shells and rockets landed in the eastern parts of the Syrian capital as Assad’s regime responded with repeated strikes.

connection3 copy

20 Students Killed At Accident Popular Kintampo Waterfalls, Ghana

20 people were killed at least a high school students in Ghana on Sunday (March 19) in a freak accident in Kintampo waterfalls popular in the Brong Ahafo region.Emergency officials said that the students died when a tree uprooted due to a storm, fell on her while they were swimming in a river near the waterfall.

Yemen_44882 copy

After Military Chopper Open Fires 42 Yemeni People Killed In Refugee Boat

Full boat of Somali refugees swooped in by helicopter and naval vessel, and opened fire, killing 42 people the full bat Somali refugees, including women and children who were trying to reach sodan from Yemen.The boat left the head of the Azerbaijani and was 30 miles off the coast when he opened fire with a military helicopter, and 42 were killed in the attack.

rtr3mfny copy

North Korea’s High-Thrust Rocket Engine Test Kim Jong-Un Oversees

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally spotted ground test of a new engine high trend missiles, agency, North Korean Central News Agency reported on Sunday (March 18). The move could spark new tensions on the divided Korean Peninsula.

_95174747_salvajera3 copy

Dramatic Makeover Goes Viral Video Of Homeless Spanish Man’s

A homeless man in Mallorca, Spain, broke down in tears when he saw the dramatic transformation after the Free restored in the local salon hair.The former electrician who was homeless for 25 years, Jose Antonio, who is known to the salon owner from his job working day and accompanying unauthorized parking, and was invited to the salon does not Salvajeria for a new look.

syrian-conflict-mar-17 copy

Area Of Northern Syria Airstrike On Mosque Kills Dozens In Rebel-Held

Killed at least 35 people were killed in an air strike on a mosque in northern Syria, according to the activists said, and first responders.The observatory said Syrian and British-based Human Rights said the death toll in the attack in Jeenah area controlled by the rebels in the province of Aleppo even higher, with 42 people dead.

trump_030617getty copy

In Tax On Over $150m In 2005, US President Donald Trump Paid $38m, Leaked MSNBC Returns Reveal

The White House confirmed the authenticity of tax records leaked in part due to a US news channel MSNBC, which US President Donald Trump show pay 38m $ (£ 31M) in taxes on income of more than $ 150M in 2005.

25a05d680c67a3a132e6030f8d3fea54 copy

By Iraqi Forces As Government Troops Near Bridge, Isis Commander Of Mosul’s Old City Killed

Iraqi government forces say they have killed Isis, commander of the ancient city of Mosul as they try to restore a major bridge crossing the Tigris River.The battle against insurgents has intensified in the last major stronghold in Iraq in the past few weeks with the Iraqi forces and their allies in an effort to keep the jihadists from the western part of the city.

479 copy

As Famine Crisis Looms Threatening 16 Million Lives Appela To Help East Africa

Launched a disaster emergency committee (DEC) in the United Kingdom appeal to East Africa crisis as at least 16 million people facing hunger in the region. Violence and instability and drought exacerbated by climate change drive people in southern Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia towards starvation and death.

1814509 copy

Who Tortured Cat To Death With Hot Glue $50,000 Reward To Find Offender

The collection of nearly 50,000 $ (£ 40,900) reward for information leading to the arrest of the cat torturer in Clearfield, Utah Humane Society in northern Utah to collect the money after the horrific murder of Hakim, and pet cat.Hakeem, aged six years missing for four days and it was when he crawled to his family’s home on March 8 with horrific injuries including broken ribs and paws, burns hot glue and genitals damaged. He died the next day.

3527528_3_3034_le-terroriste-ilich-ramirez-sanchez-dit_2020fc59af457857dac6b0c0e904d525 copy

As 1974 Paris Grenade Trial Opens Convict Carlos The Jackal Says He Is A ‘Professional Revolutionary’

He described one of the most notorious terrorists in the world, Carlos the Jackal, himself as “a professional revolutionary” and refused to lawyers as “scavengers” in the first day of his trial on charges of bombing the Paris pharmacy 43 years ago.He accused the Venezuelan National ruthless, which is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, the real name, with throwing a hand grenade at Publicis drugstore, SG Road, in the center of Paris on September 15, 1974

130515154110-lethal-injection-table-horizontal-large-gallery copy

After Securing New Supply Of Lethal Injection Drug Arkansas Plans 8 Death Row Executions

Fresh supply of the drug has lethal injection paved the way for the State of Arkansas to proceed with the implementation of eight death row prisoners them within ten days.Uses Arkansas three drugs in conducting deadly state injection, but its supply of potassium chloride ended in January 2017 However, according to the Ministry of Arkansas Suleiman graves spokesman corrected on Monday (March 13) that they now have 100 vials of the chemical.


96 Suspects Linked To Hacking Of ‘Over Five Billion’ Citizen Records, Chinese Police Arrest

Chinese lawmakers call for tougher sanctions against hackers and found that the theft of personal data of citizens after the cyber-crime campaign, which led the police, resulted in the arrest of 96 suspects believed to be responsible for more than “five billion” personal records stolen.

Francois Fillon (C), candidate for the right-wing primaries ahead of the French 2017 presidential election, gestures at the end of a speech during a campaign rally in Paris, on November 25, 2016, ahead of the primary's second round on November 27. / AFP / Thomas SAMSON (Photo credit should read THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Francois Fillon Rocked By New Controversies French Presidential Candidate

Francois Fillon, the Republican candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in France, saw the weekend more scandals in the campaign, which saw him mostly in a defensive position.On Saturday (March 11) tweeted on Fillon troubled that he had “not tolerate” his party to publish a cartoon challenger Emmanuel MACRON be accused of using anti-Semitic tropes.

Tyga-Texting-14-Year-Old-Behind-Kylie-Jenners-Back-900x440 copy

‘You’d Better Be Worth Risking Going To Jail’ Louisiana Man Accused Of Texting 14-Year-Old Girl

He accused the man of Louisiana from sending sexually explicit images of a girl at the age of 14 years, including one that says “you’d better be worth the risk to go to jail.”George Thomas Wiley III, 18, of Krotz Springs, was arrested after authorities said he exchanged several messages with the girl and receive a clear picture by snapchat.


Spicer Says: President Not Concerned About Criticism, Donald Trump Mar-A-Lago Costs

The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday that Donald Trump is not concerned about the shell he received for the cost of his trips to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.


New Gel Injection Prevents Pregnancy, Birth Control For Men

A thirty-seven-year-old biomedical engineer, a male male contraception, may soon be on his way to the market, making it the first new male contraception in more than a century. Sujoy Guha, a rural university professor in India, showed a shot of a polymer gel rate of 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy without any serious side effects.

ct-katie-walsh-trump-aide-leaves-20170330 copy

In West Wing Staff Shuffle Deputy Chief Of Staff Katie Walsh To Exit Trump Administration

Senior White House deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh left the Trump administration to work for the Trump group, known as the First US Policy, senior administration officials said.Walsh’s departure from the West Wing comes less than a week after a major legislative failure in Trump’s administration to pass the US health care bill in the House.


After Beaten By Prison Inmate ‘Angel Of Death’ Donald Harvey Dies

Donald Harvey, assistant nurse named Death Angel by the media after the deaths of more than 30 patients in hospitals under his care during the 1970s and 1980s, died on Thursday (March 30) at the age of 64 after being attacked and beaten in the Ohio dungeon.


Evacuation Zone Around Nuclear Power Plant Reduced, Fukushima News

The Japanese government on Friday relaxed evacuation requests for towns that were not seriously polluted by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in 2011, the Kyodo news agency quoted the government as saying that evacuation orders had been lifted to parts of Kawamata and Nami Wyatt. It also freed a large part of Tomioka on Saturday.


Indian Soldier Appointed As Plumber After Protesting Bad Food

NEW DELHI: As Indian authority ordered an inquiry into a grievance by a Border personnel trooper at the line of control that he and his colleagues were served dangerous and bad food, this same soldier on Tuesday he has been transferred to the headquarters as a plumber.


80 boys in Thailand to undergo trial Swiss man accused of sexually abusing

Swiss man is set for trial at a later time in March for allegedly sexually abusing more than 80 boys over the decade while he was living in Thailand. It said the man has a history of similar crimes in Switzerland.


38 dead and more than 50,000 displaced in Madagascar, Cyclone Enawo

The death toll in Madagascar has risen to 38 after the cyclone slammed Enawo to the country earlier this week, the Ministry of National Disaster Management said late on Friday (March 10).Said Thierry Venty, executive secretary of the National Office for Disaster and Risk Management “, the massive damage wherever he went the hurricane.”

koros copy

Doctors over 96-day strike, Kenyan hospitals sack

Kenyan hospitals have begun to dismiss the doctors and their expulsion from the workplace process after the 96-day strike that has paralyzed the public health services.Doctors’ Syndicate (KMPDU) strike began on December 5, 2016 due to the government’s failure to apply the wages corresponding to the agreement package signed in 2013.

donald-tusk-reuters_625x372_71436781998 copy

Donald Tusk from EU presidency foiled, Polish plot to remove fellow countryman

Poland stood in isolation at the EU summit in Malta in a bid to prevent the re-election of the President of the European Council, former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.Two-day summit starting on March 9 saw 28 EU leaders, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, discuss the pressing issues facing the union, such as Brexit imminent, but the Polish government challenged the re-election Tusk. Failed, it was re-elected Tusk for two and a half.

3c801ab1-3aa6-462e-87dd-5289df2081ad copy

In Myanmar’s Northern Shan State Leaves 30 Dead, Kokang Region Is Attacked

More than thirty people were killed during the fighting in and Kai Monday between the special forces fighters armed ethnic groups near the Chinese border after the rebels, some of whom were dressed in police uniform, it was a surprise attack the dam, according to a report released on Monday.


Plan To Attack On Saudi Arabia King Salman in Malaysia, Police Arrest 7 ISIS Members

It arises in a statement that seven terrorists were under arrest in recent months before visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, who were planning an attack on the “Arab royalties.”

syrianchildren copy

Resulting In Substance Abuse And Suicide Attempts Syrian Children Suffer From ‘Toxic Stress’

Save the Children report has warned that children caught in Syrian conflict affected “amazing levels” of psychological trauma. The study is the largest of its kind undertaken during the refugee crisis that 5.8 million Syrian children in need of aid.

image copy

Begins Following North Korean Missile Launch US-South Korea Thaad Deployment

The United States began deploying a sophisticated missile defense system in South Korea in order to face the increasing aggression of North Korea in the region. Military equipment from high-altitude terminal zone defense (THAAD) have already arrived in South Korea.

new1 copy

For Hong Kong And Taiwan, China Remains Firmly Opposed To Independence

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that Beijing still firmly the independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan opposes.He said in prepared remarks delivered at the opening of the annual parliamentary session to be that the idea of the independence of Hong Kong’s lead to anything, and he is committed to Beijing for the application of one country, two systems’ principle in Hong Kong without it, “he curved or distorted.”

Aircraft-Crash copy

As Aircraft Crashes Near Turkey Border Rebels Say They Shot Down Assad Regime Fighter Jet, Syria

Syrian warplane crashed in the border region with Turkey, as the anti-government insurgents claimed they had shot down the plane. Reports indicate that the plane was shot down in the Turkish province of Hatay, but did not provide any information about the pilot.

8324554-3x2-700x467 copy

North Korean suspect says arrest was ‘plot’ damage Pyongyang’s honour, Kim Jong-nam murder

Said Ri Yong Chol, North Korea’s suspect arrested in connection with the death of the estranged half-brother Kim Jong-un, and his arrest was a “conspiracy” to damage his reputation. Malaysian investigators have also accused the use of coercion in an attempt to extract a confession from him.

5803acffc36188236c8b4603 copy

Red Cross says Isis: East Mosul residents under suspected chemical attack

After a number of residents of eastern Mosul recently admitted in hospitals with injuries consistent with a chemical attack, it is being suspected that Isis used a deadly poisons in the war to keep the last Iraqi stronghold.

pygmy-hippo copy

Hippo Gustavito was not stabbed to death, El Salvador zoo

It was the death of a hippo loved Gustavito at the National Zoo in El Salvador due to poor health care, and not challenged, has revealed the existence of the report of the post mortem.

58b773d43c41d.image copy

In Ottawa And Perryville Tornadoes At Least Two Dead

Hit by hurricanes and storms throw on a baseball-sized pieces from the cold Midwest on Tuesday, killing at least two people, destroying homes and leaving thousands without electricity, according to Reuters.

a4s_MATEENWIFE011717_18639966_8col copy

Attack Freed On Bail Ahead Of Trial Widow Of Gunman From Pulse Nightclub

Widow fanatic inspired Isis who massacred 49 people in a nightclub gay in Orlando, Florida is to be liberated from the prison before the next trial. Salman was arrested on January 16, 2017 and the accused with the help of a pair Omar solid willingness to carry out the attack on June 12, 2016.

ba65140af1d13b78f2a002d317111a90 copy

During President’s Hollande Speech Sniper Fires, 2 Man Injured

Holland said in the town of Villognon they are planning in the center of France for the opening of a railway line of high-speed railway between Paris and Bordeaux at that time, during a speech in which the president was informed about the projects for the people in that time, Sharp shooter mistakenly opened fire.

86fc76ae06354a9898a5215ed0fd5371_18 copy

Warns Time Running Out As Hunger Strike Continues Family Of Dublin Man Jailed In Egypt

He warned Irish citizen Ibrahim sweetness, imprisoned in Egypt since 2013, and time is running out to sign the player’s family, aged 21, while he was entering the third month of hunger strike.He was arrested on the sweetness in August 2013 in the midst of a government crackdown in Egypt, during which at least 1,000 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been killed and tens of thousands arrested.


Spotted Driving Van Full Of Gas Canisters, Brussels Police Stop Man With ‘Militant Links’

Belgian police temporarily sealed part of central Brussels on Wednesday (March 2) after the man, stopped originally for driving through a red light, and found to have gas cylinders packed in his truck.

9fbad290a3f05623598ed1318f3ad5cf copy

High School Friends Found Beaten To Death Members Of Notorious MS-13 Gang Charged With Murder

The thirteen members accused of violent Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) on seven counts of murder, including the killing of three teenagers who were killed in Brentwood.Four members of the gang were arrested on charges of murder of a high school best friends Kayla Cuevas, aged 16 years and Nisa Mickens, aged 15 years, who were beaten to death in Brentwood in September 2016, and four others who were accused of the death of Jose Peña-Hernandez, 18.

2014122382639743734_20 copy

From Kenya’s Dadaab Refugee Camp Gunmen Kidnap Two Teachers

Kenyan authorities have confirmed that the security forces had been sent to rescue the two teachers were kidnapped from the Dadaab refugee camp, the largest refugee camp in the world and is located in eastern Kenya near the Somali border.

img-3488-jpg copy

Avalanche Near Courmayeur In Italian Alps Leaves 3 Skiers Dead, 2 Missing

The three skiers were killed and two more were missing and two others injured in an avalanche in Val Vény near Courmayeur in the Mont Blanc region of the Italian Alps Mountains. Officials say those affected by the collapse, which occurred at around midday on Thursday (March 2ND) came from Italy, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

RACHEL-dolezal copy

Who Called Herself Black Changes Name To West African Phrase For ‘Gift Of God’, Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal, the woman who shot to fame when it was discovered that living as a black woman while actually being white, and now legally changed its name to Nkechi Amare Diallo. Nkechi short Ibo word meaning “gift from God”.

article-0-1DE0212900000578-712_634x422 copy

In America Oldest Human Remains Found In A Cave Are From Teenager Who Fell To Her Death

The ancient human skeleton that was discovered in an underwater cave may have been born before it fell on her death.At the ripe age of 13,000 years, its remains are the oldest human ever found in the Americas, according to the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico (link in Spanish), known as the Ina abbreviation.

ea5c1d35df5f6a4351a2f4c83e0d02d2 copy

Amid Unsanctioned Missile Launches, US Challenges China On North Korea Nuclear Threat

“Can we change the way North Korea thinks?” No, they will not go to the cave, China can do it, this is the part we want to look at, “Halley said on Thursday, I know that China says it worried about North Korea, I know that China wants North Korea to stop testing, prove that.

170401134924-carbon-monoxide-hotel-0401-super-169 copy

After Deadly Carbon Monoxide Leak At Michigan Hotel Child Killed And Others Found Unconscious

The leakage of carbon monoxide at a hotel in Michigan killed one child and injured at least 12 others.Authorities believe the faulty pollinator was responsible for the fatal leakage on Saturday (April 1) at the Quality Inn Inn Niles – where carbon monoxide levels were 16 times above the safe limit.

maxresdefault copy

As Fireworks Display Turns To Horror At Paris Carnival At Least 20 People Injured

Twenty people were injured after the fireworks display at the Paris carnival turned into a tragedy.Four people were seriously injured when the “Bengal Fire” screen exploded in the crowd, which was casting spectators at the Gay Moss stadium on the ground before 6 pm on Saturday (April 1).


Killing More Than 250 People Landslides Devastate Colombia’s Mocoa

More than 250 people have been pulled from clay and rubble in Colombia after deadly landslides destroyed the South American country. As rescuers find the survivors, 200 people remain unknown.

iraqi-army-continues-battle-against-isis-nears-mosuls-old-city copy

As Violence Against Journalists Hits Breaking Point, Mexican Newspaper Prints Final Edition

A Mexican newspaper in the border town of Juarez has declared a halt to printing because of a climate of violence against journalists and a culture of impunity.In a final note published on the Internet and on the front page of the paper on Sunday (April 2), the editor of Norte Oscar Kanto Morguia in the hands of readers “Adios!” He explained the reasons for the closure decision.


For Independence Referendum In 2017 Iraqi Kurds Push Forward With Plans

The Kurdish officials have stressed their proposals for a referendum on independence from Iraq in 2017.Politicians from the two main parties of the Kurdistan Regional Government – the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan – held a high-level meeting on Sunday (April 2) to discuss the initiative and launch an independent task force.

bpanews_abecbed5-3a63-40b0-85c5-a8caff6100bc_1 copy

Justin Trudeau Declines April Fool Offer For Matthew Perry For Rematch Fight

Matthew Perry’s friends do not take the offer of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in April Fool’s Re-match Brawl Schoolyard. The representative, who was raised in Ottawa in March, revealed that he had fought Trudeau when they were classmates.

chechnya copy

Russian Newspaper Claims, Chechen Authorities Rounding Up Gay Men And Killing Them

Reports said the authorities in Chechnya were cordoning off more than 100 suspected homosexuals, Russian daily Novaya Gazeta and human rights activists reported. At least three men were killed in the round.


From 21 Cases For Refusing To Consider Death Penalty Florida Governor Rick Scott Removes Prosecutor

Aramis Ayala, a public prosecutor in the Ninth Circuit in central Florida, was removed from 21 murders after refusing to consider the death penalty. Florida Governor Rick Scott announced the announcement on Monday (April 3rd).Yet Ayala, a Democrat, has accused the Republican governor of misusing his authority and undermining the independence of the judiciary.

rapiscanjpg-e53c2d9801477d6c copy

Indian Planning To Replace Manual Screening With Full-Body Scanners On Airports

Airports in India plan to provide full-body scanners for security checks to replace existing hand-sorting. An experiment has already been conducted at New Delhi airport in the Indian capital.


It Was His Dog’s Idea To Write Rocky Said By Sylvester Stallone

Actor Sylvester Stallone says that his pet, a polymastif called Potcos, inspired him to write a wonderful rookie in 1971. Mr. Stallone wrote in the emotional letter of Instagram: “We were all thin, hungry and living in flophus over the subway station.

49708468.cached copy

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Reportedly Held Secret Seychelles Meeting

Blackwater founder and US Secretary speak with Rossi in close contact with Vladimir Putin in January Seychelles education in Betsy Davos Eric Prince’s brother selected Russia and the president try to create confidential relations between Donald Trump the talks Washington Post reported.

221e79cf088eb5e25a4217b7a8f9_large copy

3 dead as Huge explosion rips in Portugal firework factory

At least three people were killed after huge explosions exploded a fireworks factory in Portugal on Tuesday (April 4).The owner of the factory, Eegas Secuera, is believed to have died along with his family members during the accident in the village of Afuz near Porto, 200 meters north of Lisbon.

150226160859-bill-oreilly-claims-scrutinized-00014106-1024x576 copy

Advertisers Abandon Bill O’Reilly Unearthed After New Sexual Harassment Allegations

At least 18 companies have withdrawn their announcement from the Bill O’Reilly parade in Fox News right after the New York Times reported new allegations of sexual harassment.

Marine-Le-Pen-Emmanuel-Macron-786345 copy

France Prepares For Elections, Marine Le Pen And Emmanuel Macron In Fiery Debate

Presidential candidates in France were back in a televised debate ahead of elections scheduled for later this month.The 11 candidates included candidates Emmanuel Macron, Marin Le Pen and Francois Fillon, as well as those who received less than 1 percent of the vote.

northkoreanmissiles_032417getty copy

In East Coast North Korea Fires Missile Into Waters

US and South Korean officials said North Korea fired a missile into the sea toward Japan on Tuesday (April 4). Officials said they believed the missile was a medium-range ballistic missile.South Korean officials said the missile flew about 60 kilometers, much shorter than the other missiles fired at Japan, which reached about 1,000 kilometers.

s4.reutersmedia copy

In Hungary Hit By Tough Parliament-Backed Sanctions, George Soros-Founded University

Hungary’s parliament approved the new laws that have some expression and billionaire George Soros had seen as a crackdown on freedom of liberal values appear to be targeting a university rate.Founded by an English-speaking university and the American Institute Soros – – Central European University (Budapest amendments after supporters gathered outside the campus CEU) were a current higher education law.

chomsky3 copy

Russian Interference Claims Are Turning US Into World’s Laughing Stock Sad By Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky has put Russia President Donald Trump and a fun label allegations of collusion between the election is turning America into the world’s laughing stock.Chomsky, that he “utterly blew a great opportunity to blast mishandled the polls and win” because Democrats only Russian intervention and so-called claim to the world’s most eminent academics and political commentators are focused on communication.

Trump-gfx_20170407013823053_7543365_ver1.0_640_360 copy

Against Syrian Regime After Chemical Attack Trump Launches Missiles

President Donald Trump has ordered military action against the Assad regime in Syria in response to the horrific chemical attack by Khan Sheikun, believed to have been carried out by government forces.

web1_20170406_NEWS_WEILI copy

For Hawaii and New York massage parlours Chinese man convicted of trafficking prostitutes

A Chinese man and women trafficking Hawaiian massage parlor in New York have been convicted of having to work as prostitutes. He has been a dispute since it is facing deportation.Attorney General Keith Kanchiro Wei Li United States to work as prostitutes he brought women from China.

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After Girlfriend Fakes Death In Online Prank 11-Year-Old Michigan Boy Commits Suicide

An 11-year-old boy committed suicide in Michigan after being victimized by a cruel joke on social media. Katrina Goss claims that her son, Tysen Benz, took his life after his 13-year-old girlfriend recruited her friends to kill her in what she called a “trick, harassment and harassment” trick.

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In India Walks On All Fours ‘Mowgli’ Girl Found Living With Monkeys

Police found a girl living with a group of monkeys in a wildlife sanctuary near the Nepalese border in India. Now the girl – who does not seem to understand any language and was walking on the four – has been dubbed “The Real Life Mowgli” after the brutal child of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Book of the Jungle”.


For President Amanda Knox Backed Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump ‘Very Upset’

It was reported that US President Donald Trump was “very upset” because his 2016 campaign was not supported by Amanda Knox.The president had previously chanted about Knox, convicted of murdering her colleague Meredith Kircher in Perugia, Italy, in 2007 before proving he was not guilty during the retrial in 2011.

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In Sri Lanka Garbage Dump Landslide Kills 10, Buries 40 Houses

At least 10 people were killed in a landslide crash in Sri Lanka on April 14. A huge explosive device exploded in the Colombian capital after a fire broke out at the top of the 91-meter-high mountain of garbage.


Over Decades Of Sexual Abuse US Elite School Choate Rosemary Hall Apologizes

The elite school in the United States, whose graduates were former president John F. Kennedy and the daughter of President Donald Trump Ivanka Trump, apologized for sexual misconduct at its headquarters over four decades. The Rosemary Choith Hall in Connecticut also admitted that at least 12 of its employees had misused students. Some cases of sexual misconduct date back to the 1960s.

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Trump’s Planned Funding Cuts To Sanctuary Cities, San Francisco Steps Up To Fight

San Francisco is trying to prevent US President Donald Trump’s executive order from cutting federal funding into the so-called Haram cities. The Republican president’s order to prevent cities that protect illegal immigrants from getting federal funding. San Francisco said it could not be implemented without congressional approval and asked a federal judge on Friday (14 April) to block its enforcement.


At Aged 117 World’s Oldest Person Dies

A woman believed to be the oldest person in the world died at the age of 117, Italian authorities said.Emma Murano, born November 29, 1899, was also officially the last person to live in the world born in the 19th century.

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In Georgia Special Election Democrats Mobilise In Hopes Of Winning Congressional Seat

Democrats hope to turn the seat of Congress to sixth in Georgia during special elections on Tuesday (April 18th). Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has raised about $ 8.3 million in his bid to retain the seat previously held by Republican Tom Price in a race that could lead to runoff.

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House Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell Ignores Her When She Says Hello Said By Senator Elizabeth Warren

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren has claimed that House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignores her when she tries to talk to him.The Massachusetts senator said in an interview with the Boston Globe that she was receiving a terrible reception from the Republican – who led a popular vote to prevent her from speaking during the discussion on the appointment of Jeff Sessions.

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After Hardcore Porn Screened At Busy Station Delhi Metro Launches Investigation

Investigations after the screening of hardcore porn began on a giant screen in one of Delhi’s busiest metro stations. Confused officials confirmed that they launched an investigation after footage of the incident, which occurred on April 9, went viral line online.


For 2020 Re-Election Bid Donald Trump Raises $13.2m

President Donald Trump is two weeks from his first 100 days in office, but his campaign is already preparing to try re-election in 2020. Records filed with the Federal Election Commission show Trump’s re-election campaign has raised $ 13.2m (£ 10.5m) in months The first three of 2017.


In Chechnya Flee To Moscow Safe Haven Gay Men Facing Persecution

The independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported how detention camps were set up where gay men were beaten and tortured. At least three people were killed, he said.The Russian Network for Gay, Transgender, Bisexual and Transgender People has organized a hotline and is negotiating with embassies of other countries to find destinations where LGBT members can be protected.


Alleged Killer Of Vanessa Marcotte Held On $10m Bail After Arraigned In Court

The suspected murderer of a Google employee appeared in court on Tuesday (18 April) to be tried at the local Leominster Court in Massachusetts on charges of assault, assault, rape and aggravated assault.Vanessa Markot disappeared on August 7, 2016, after leaving her mother’s home in Princeton, 40 miles west of Boston, to go on a walk around 1:15 pm EDT (6.15 GMT).

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‘As A Precaution’ George HW Bush Former President Admitted To Hospital

Former US President George W. Bush was hospitalized as a precautionary measure, a White House spokesman said Tuesday. The former Republican president admitted on Friday (14 April) a mild case of pneumonia.

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Pre-Election Terror Plot In Marseille British Intelligence Helps France Halt ‘Imminent’

Two Algerian jihadis were arrested in Isis planning an “imminent terrorist plot” in Marseille five days before the first round of French presidential elections, AFP quoted British intelligence officials as saying.The suspected terrorists, Klimon Pour, 23, and the Mirabit prosecutors, 29, were arrested on Tuesday (April 18th) in a raid by French elite police in the third district of Marseille on Tuesday morning.

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Champs-Elysées attacker was under the knowledge of Police

The attacker, who killed a 30-year-old French policeman and wounded two of his colleagues in the Champs-Elysées on Monday evening, was known by the anti-terrorist police, local media reported.

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From Shock Attempt To Regain Presidency Iran Bars Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 

A final list of candidates approved on Thursday (April 20) said former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was barred from running for elections next month.The hardline president, who oversaw the country amid international sanctions on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, said at the start that he would not back down but was shocked when he announced his registration last week.

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MS-13 Are Smuggling Unaccompanied Minors Into US, New York Congressman Says

New York Congressman Peter King says that nervous violence is not the only issue involving the deadly street gang M-13, or Mara Salvatrusha. The Republican Representative claims that there is a federal program targeting unaccompanied minors who cross the United States illegally with guardians who are exploited by a notorious gang.