With Afghanistan After Sufi Shrine Bombing Pakistan Shuts Border


Pakistan closed the border crossing with Afghanistan indefinitely after a powerful bomb through the Sufi shrine explosion, killing more than 70 people. He says Islamabad officials all forms of communication may be stopped at the border because of security concerns.

They accuse Pakistan directly extremist “safe havens in Afghanistan” for the devastating attack, which hit the popularity of Lal Shahbaz Qalander shrine in Sindh province on Thursday (February 16).

The army confirmed officially closes at Torkham, one of the busiest border point between the two points, because of the prevailing security situation.

“Crossing will remain closed until further notice, and will be all kinds of trade and business activities remain suspended,” and quoted the Pakistani authority as saying.He wrote, army spokesman Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor also on Twitter, stressing that the border being closed.

Abdul Ghafoor went on to add: “. Are currently being implemented recent terrorist acts on the directives of the hostile forces and safe havens in Afghanistan will defend and respond.” The border was opened only in August 2016, and has remained one of the key points for each of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Also the region has seen several clashes in the past.

Emergency operations are still in Sehwan with military personnel transporting the bodies of the dead and wounded from the blast site to hospitals. Does not believe fewer than 250 people were injured in the attack According to several to be in critical condition.

“All bodies were brought almost here. We have handed over 26 bodies to the heirs of the deceased, while those that remain unidentified is in the hospital,” Moinuddin friend, medical director of the Hospital Sehwan Taluka saying.

Pakistan has been reeling under a wave of Islamist onslaughts during the past few days. Previous attacks have targeted areas in Lahore, Quetta, Mohmand Agency, with the last one in Sehwan claimed by the dreaded Islamic State (Isis).


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