Will Apple make Siri smart speaker rival Amazon Echo and Google Home?


With smart devices spokesman from Amazon and Google take the consumer technology industry by storm, and is expected other companies to follow suit in the near future – but Apple may not be one of them.

The report claims, citing talks with Apple executives time that Apple has expressed a “do not have a clear interest in the copies,” the Amazon or echo the main Google set up, instead of specifying Seri sites as a “pervasive platform everywhere” that will provide “Organization Assistant Amnesty international this with you all the time, and not tied to a single device. ”

Apple is planning to expand the scope of Siri using existing hardware that would see personal assistant to be able to control many of the smart home appliances through voice control, instead of the formulation “Prime Seri”.


The report contradicts claims made in mid-2016 that the head of Bluetooth-powered Siri was in the process of development, even before the market hit the Amazon Echo in 2015.

Currently Seri occupies a spot the program on the majority of products Apple library, such as the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV platforms, which can operate in the end as a smart speaker stand in sound smart home orders using Apple HomeKit platform.

While this may disappoint fans expect a sleek, well-designed Yves Johnny Apple family, the move will put the company millions of smartphones, smartwatches and computers in the wild at the forefront of the houses controlled by Amnesty International. This is likely to rally around the competition in the smart market head of an emergency, which is estimated to become a multi-billion dollar market by 2020.

However, Siri real competitor in this scenario is not the hardware. Both Google and Alexa Assistant Amazon has found its way into everything from the car and information systems through the operating systems until the TV displays the smart refrigerator. And’mahor ‘nature of the purpose-built all the assistants likely gives them a slight advantage for the current state of Siri, but enormous before going out for the Apple user base can be a behemoth San Francisco is a weapon for the not-so-secret