Whose Sex Scene Goes Viral Kalki Koechlin Stars As Actress In Naked


    In the new Naked and stars her short film actress Kalki Koechlin “Fun fear” named Sandy who wakes up one morning to the nightmare of the modern – was the sex scene from her new film “swarm” and went viral. And Sandy being interviewed by RIA rookie reporter, who canceled by the president in favor of one that focuses on the scene “leaked” the questionnaire.

    He told RIA to ask questions such as “guys have seen you naked, do you think they will respect you now?” Sandy, answering in monosyllables, asks: “Do you?” Naked, the timing for the release of International Women’s Day, dealing with Internet crime and violation of privacy over the Internet She urges women, and men, and to report on those “hiding behind their computers and insult you.” – Trolls who perhaps do not have the courage to do the same thing in a person who definitely are reported if it does so. “We are all naked on stage bare of social media,” and taglined film.


    Naked also raises many relevant topics from the world’s view a violation of privacy. How journalists and media to report such cases, sometimes sacrificing personal Ikhozhm with an eye on the title – to ‘realize a profit on the controversy,’ as naked puts. Stars Kalki Koechlin along with Ritabhari Chakraborty

    , Who is credited also to the concept. Rakesh Kumar directed Naked, which is produced by Scud missiles non-governmental organizations, headed by the mother Ritabhari in Satarupa Sanyal, which focuses on the development of women in rural Bengal. The newspaper quoted Ritabhari Chakraborty of news service as saying: “In the day of the interview, my personality boss calls to say that a particular section (with sexual content) of a film actress” has gone viral and is adjusted according to the interview questions of development. So, the movie tells what happens after that. “Kalki Koechlin tweeted earlier:” We girls are up to no good again this short release is International Women’s Day. ”


    And “leakage” from the film scene Sandy reflects real life. A scene from the film actress Swara Bhaskar next Anaarkali of Aarah.It appeared on the Internet a few days ago. In the past year, to candid shots of the film Radhika APTE dry popped up on social media. Before that, a scene from making Anurag Kashyap starring Ms. short APTE was circulated on the WhatsApp Kalki Koechlin, star of the acclaimed films such as Margarita, with straw And wait, as it is known for the manufacture of a message of empowerment movies. Her next is Jia Jia Orr, co-starring Richa Chadha.