Visit To White House Sparks New Crowd-Numbers Row Super Bowl-Winning Patriots’


There was a new controversy over the images of crowds attending a ceremony celebrated by US President Donald Trump, and how big the crowds were.First, the infamous images of Trump’s launch were taken from the National Mall, which, despite Trump’s inflated demands about attendance levels, showed much of the crowd compared to his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Now, the pictures of Super Bowl winning the New England Patriots Team attend the White House that caused a fuss.At first glance, many nationalists seem to have boycotted the concert compared to their visit two years ago, but a closer look reveals more stories.

After the New York Times reported the apparent disparity by tweeting the two pictures side by side, Patriots pointed out that the 2015 picture showed players, coaches and administrative staff, while in 2017 the latter was sitting on the South Park.

Jason Stallman, sports editor for the New York Times, apologized for his apparent purpose in an e-mail to The Washington Post.”Bad tweet by me tweet awesome, I wish to say it is complicated, but no, this is very obvious: I was an idiot, my idea was, my execution was, was my fault, I made a decision in about four minutes that clearly require more Time “, he wrote.

“When we learned more, we tried to fix everything as soon as possible and as transparently as possible, and of course, at that point the damage was done, and I just needed to have it.”Despite this illustration, however, the number of national players was much lower than when Obama was in office, with 34 attending this year compared with 50 in 2015.

Leading players including Ligaret Blount, Chris Long, Alan Branch, Donet Haitor, Martelos Bennett and Devin McCourty were all too far away because of their refusal to Trump.Tom Brady did not attend the concert. But he described himself as a friend of Trump, and his absence was said because of “personal family matters”.The New York Times apology was not enough for Trump, however, who took to Twitter the organization’s Hampst, which he often had a tense relationship with.


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