Varun Dhawan Reacts To Govinda’s Comments “I Respect Him” About Father David Dhawan


    Actor Varun Dhawan, who initially avoided comment on Govinda’s comments.His father filmmaker David Dhawan, and finally broken his silence. Aged 29-year-old actor said: “” Alochna HONI chahiye … Alochan se Min-Kush baht seekhta Hon. Woh kehte hai mujhme Ur unmei samantaye Koi Nahi Hai. Yeh Hai Sahi. Casey samantayein Maine Bhi Nahi Ho Sakti. Oooh varisht Hai, Maine unka quail map Hon. Maine unki barabari Kabhi Nahi Kar sakta,

    “Bollywood Life reports. (There should be criticism. I learn a lot of criticism. He says there is not any similarity between him and me which is correct. There cannot be a similarity, a prominent actor and I respect him. I will never be able to match up for him.)Govinda 0.53, talking about Varun

    His father told news agency IANS: “How can (Varun) be like me to become Govinda, he needs to be innocent, uneducated and the poor boy’s village of Faron is actually the son of director in the past six years?, He did not do more than two films with his father, while 17 did a film with his father. “Varun Dhawan is currently busy promote his new movie Badrnath Ki Dulhani

    Alia Bhatt co-starred. By Karan Johar, it is scheduled to release the week has been the production of the film after film Govinda return aa Gaia champion. Govinda, who was last seen in the 2014 film a happy ending, also criticized Karan 0.44, for the release of the film on the run after a week of his own. He Pinkvilla: “It’s good planning and smart move by Karan that he is releasing his film after a week of mine supervisors Oooh seedha Kabhi Nahi Hai one snapshot.

    David Dhawan has criticized Govinda while promoting his film next. He told reporters that David Dhawan stole the concept of the film (Chashme Baddoor) And make the film with Rishi Kapoor. Representative kill / Dell also said that after working with the director, aged 61 years in 17 films including movies similar hit coolie NO.1, Bade Mian Mian Choc, He had ignored his request for cooperation of 18 for the film. “I kept asking him to take one shot at least with me so it can be a film 18 with him, but I do not know what he had in mind,” said Govinda, the Press Trust of India.Aa Gaya hero Govinda is released on March 3, as well as stars Richa Sharma, Ashutosh Rana and Chandrachur Singh.