US Trip Amid Trump’s Travel Ban Canada’s Largest School Board Cancels Students’


Canada’s largest board cancels student travel to the United States following the travel ban of President Donald Trump.The school council in Toronto cited “uncertainty” about recent travel restrictions in Trump, saying they were refusing flights until further notice. They added that at the moment it was not clear who might be affected by the ban.

However, the council said that the planned 24 flights would actually go ahead as scheduled because they do not want students to miss these opportunities. “If any student who has the right documents refuses to enter the United States for no good reason, the whole trip will return to Toronto and will not continue,” he said.

The Toronto Council – the largest in North America with some 246,000 students in 584 schools across the city – is the latest addition to other school boards that have temporarily stopped flights to the United States because they fear a border problem. Last week, the Canadian and Canada Guides of the Greater Essex County Council of Southwest Ontario also canceled all flights.

Education director John Malloy said in a statement on Thursday (March 23) that the district council’s decision was indeed a “difficult” one.Under the new ban on travel to the United States, individuals from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Syria are not allowed to enter the United States unless 90-day visas have already been issued.

However, individuals from those countries, who are permanent legal residents of the United States and dual citizens who travel on a country’s passport, are exempt from the embargo.