US General Says Al-Shabab In Somalia Must Be Dealt With, New War In Africa?


The US military has asked the White House to give it more freedom in its approach to fight a terrorist group that has been devastated by North African devastation in recent years. He said attacks by al-Shabaab in Somalia could erupt in a full-scale war, but the African chief of the African leadership is looking for ways to avoid turning the country into a “free zone of fire.”

He told reporters at the Pentagon that General Thomas and Dosser were particularly looking for “slightly more flexibility” in “tackling targets more quickly.” “Flexibility” can include anything from permission to drone strikes to a stronger military force. Dosser was looking to “reduce the power of decision-making” to neutralize the power of young people in the region.

Al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda organization, has launched attacks in North Africa since 2006 in the face of Western support for the country. The terrorist group wanted to impose a strict interpretation of Islamic law throughout the country to make it a literal Islamic state.

Among the bloodiest attacks in the group were suicide bombings in Uganda that killed 70 people and attacked a college in Kenya that killed 147 people in 2015.