Trump readies for inauguration ceremony , RT blocked on Facebook for three days


 Russian international TV network RT has been banned from posting material on its Facebook page until Thursday, January 19 Saturday 21 January, three days. This means that it will not be able to share any video or images on Fri Jan 20 newly elected US president Donald Trump opening.

RT reported that it had been blocked since January publish content on its Facebook page at 1:16 AM GMT 19. TV network is still allowed to post the text, but on Saturday 10.55pm Moscow, Jan 21 (7.55pm GMT) photos, videos or shared content is not allowed to publish.

RT Moscow ban Facebook 10.25pm (7.25pm GMT) in stimulating the infringement claim against a publication Wednesday, January 18 live broadcast of President Obama’s farewell press conference of RT on social media platforms that was said.

Complaint against the seemingly existing TV, is part of Radio Liberty that was made by an international TV channel for Russian-speaking audience. Radio Liberty (RFE also known as), the US Congress by the aim to provide worldwide sensor reports that a privately funded non-profit organization.

“Has been blocked for a fair reason RT page. We received a notification of Obama’s last press conference streaming live. Belongs to the said notification RT feed ‘время Настоящее contain audio or video content maybe, “RT social media team wrote a report on Facebook’s management team.

“RT was receiving a live feed from the AP, we want to take all the necessary rights. ASAP limits for live feeds as the RT is AP Client.”

As can be expected, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan Facebookblock and was the source of the copyright complaint. “I’m not surprised. We can block oxygen to the State Department, they will do”, Simonyan told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

Due to a copyright infringement in violation of Facebook said the live transmission of the block and it is copyright infringement occur Practice Standard to block pages. Facebook is currently in talks with problem solving RT.

“Recognition achieved by the live rights to strike Rights broadcaster seems to be part of an algorithmic failure, and a powerful distributor of live streams rights results while hope. Facebook will be resolved in the short term that is struggling with. RT until the problem is resolved to continue text-only posts to Facebook, “said the head of social media Ivor Crotty’s RT.

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