Transparency International UK warns, Isis cannot be defeated unless corruption in governments ends


It accused Transparency International in the United Kingdom and other Western governments, including Britain and the United States of ignoring corruption and allow the Islamic State (Isis) to thrive all over the world, especially in the Middle East and thus.

In a report titled large Spin, released on Tuesday (February 21), and the non-governmental organization warned that governments fighting the Islamist group would not be able to defeat him unless an end to corruption in the military.

According to the BBC, the report comes amid intense fighting in Iraq and Syria to expel IS (Daesh) gunmen from the two countries. US-led coalition forces are providing air support and training for local armies to fight the jihadists. While in Iraq, the battle is concentrated on the western Mosul, the concentration process in Syria to edit Raqqa- last stronghold for militants in the country.

Governments also called for a report to bring more transparency in their military budgets and corruption at these levels enable extremists to take advantage, extremism and recruit fighters. The report also pointed out that the terrorist groups to recruit fighters through the posts and social media that highlight the indifference of governments.

“Corruption is the cry, and enable the method main business for the IS. The failure to understand this undermines efforts to address the rise of violent extremism,” Catherine Dixon, director of Transparency International Organization for Security and Defence, and co-author of the report, said.

“The international community spends considerable effort addressing the” ideology “of groups such as ISIS, with an emphasis on religious discourse produced, having completely ignored the physical conditions in which to flourish that.”

Dixon warned that governments will not succeed in defeating the extremist forces unless they tackle corruption at the highest levels. “This is not just shut down the corrupt channels that enable operations day after day from groups such as the IS, but reconsider relations with Mubarak [of Egypt], Gaddafi [in Libya] and Malakis [in Iraq] for the future.

“Corruption poses a real security threat, more than just a way to toast to fill their pockets. At the end of corrupt governments by raising public anger and undermining the institutions and the architects of their own security crises,” and quoted the BBC as saying.