Transformers 5 Synopsis Out: Not Megatron, Optimus Prime Be The New Villain In The Last Knight, Release Date


Optimus Prime lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of Transformers: Fares another because it curious to find out why is the leader of the Autobots being filmed as a villain in the trailers. Paramount Pictures has released a summary of the film directed by Michael Bay that I read that Optimus Prime is “gone” and that “heroes will become the bad guys.”

“Knight Activity smashes basic mythology of the franchise Transformers, and redefines what it means to be a hero,” and described the start would have left fans wondering who would save the world now, if not for Optimus Prime.

“Humans and transformers are in a state of war, he went Optimus Prime,” the brief states, increasing the fans intriguing and disappointing. All hints of the trailer and the point summary of some major war to be fought between the Earth and Cybertron – a battle between man and machine.

In the previous edition, the era of extinction, Optimus Prime left the ground and went to the universe to search for answers from the makers, who plan to destroy humanity. But before doing so, he asked the bee to take care of Cede Yeagar and the rest of humanity But how humans going to save the world from a giant robotic machines with massive force? Enter Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is the Lord English shows human beings and the way towards hidden craft – a sword and which will play a key role in the epic battle.

“The key to saving the lies our future buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of the transformers located on the ground to save our world on the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Movie countries Kid Yeager described [Mark Wahlberg], Bee.; And Lord English; Professor Oxford [Laura Haddock].”

The film is set to explore the mythology of the universe transformers with the fifth edition, the fans expect to know how Optimus Prime – who was seen drifting lifeless in space – turned out to be an opponent and try to kill a bee. In addition to injury, Megatron also return to Earth.

But the threat caused by these two iconic figures and reduced the approaching Unicron, who is scheduled to devour the planet Knight drilling activity in the depth of the history of the robotic world charm with the earth, and how the world in a state of war since the primitive ages.

Transformers: Fares Activity released in theaters on June 23, 2017.


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