Top Ten Most Beautiful Black Women In The World 2017


The beauty of every woman can not be described in words, according to some beauty people is all about to be just color but in real beauty words are not always fair because beauty sometimes lies in shades of dark brown or may be darker, so in this context There are many women in many film industries recognized by the beauty of her black beauty and not just color.

Even in the Hollywood and Bollywood industry, there are black ladies that are called the princess of these industries including Deepika Padukone because these are the most elegant, desirable, popular, intelligent, popular hot and the most successful actresses so it is said that women have achieved a fair level of popularity and celebrities.

So here we have a list of the top 10 most beautiful black women in the world in 2017.

10: Gabriel Union

Gabriele Monique Union was born on October 29, 1973 as a prominent actress from America She also began her professional career as a professional actress in the 1990s from appearing in popular populums even before getting leading roles on the big screen as she appeared as a supporting actress in all this Shi and 10 Things I Hate About You . She got fame in acting leadership by appearing in making her so-called breakthrough in the industry, and then appeared in many romantic films including Little Girls Father, Think Like a Very Man, Cadillac Records, Top Five and many more, so this also appeared In films called “Night Without Sleep”, “Myers Birthday” and “The Birth of the Nation”.


9: Thandy Newton

Thandie Newton was born on November 6, 1972, a black English actress who has appeared in many American films as well as English but is famous for her roles in several films such as Linda in the Pursuit of Happiness, Christine in Crash and most importantly Nea Nordoff-Hall in Mason: Impossible E. Even in her career as an actress she received several awards including the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress Role, she also considered the classic African beauty, in her successful career appeared in many films but her success was a mission: Im impossible along with Tom Cruise.


8: Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger was born on June 29, 1978 in Hawaii, a famous television presenter, actress and record artist, but her signature performance made her able to join the American band named After New Days and later joined the Eden Croche group later in 2001. Then because of the best Singing her collection of dolls posits is considered the leading band selling a girl of her own, released her first album in 2011 that has achieved great success, in her career of 13 years, she was the UK’s number one singles, sold more than 16 million albums and more than 37 million Singles all over the world with also the best success in the kingdom The united.


7: Camilla Alves

With the most desirable body of women, Camilla Alves is an American-Brazilian designer and model, born on 28 January 1982, she is married to Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, was born in Brazil and lived in her country until she was 15 years old and came to California. She started her career as a waitress and cleaner in the United States for four years, but in this age she was fluent in English and decided to make her home in this country, then after traveling to New York to pursue her career as a fashion designer and she is more successful in her career, I got a US citizenship.


6: Rihanna

One of the most successful and richest black beauty is only Rihanna, born on 20 February 1988, a popular songwriter and singer, began her professional career as a professional singer in 2003 under the supervision of producer Logan Rogers. After having signed a special contract with Dave Jam recordings with hip-hop singer and rapper Jay Z but she got her fame after her first successful music from the sun in her album Girl Like Me Released in 2006, because of her best singing as she received the award Grammy’s Best Rap Collaboration with Jay Z in 2008 so she also called the sex code in the music industry.


5: Agbani Darego

Aghanabani Asinit Darejo is famous for her name the name Agbani Darego who was born on 22 December 1982; she is the Miss and Super Model of her Nigeria, she is also the first sub-Saharan African model to win Miss World, she also has a modeling contract with L’Oreal. Despite this she also appeared in several magazines including Eli, Essen, Cosmopolitan, Allor; in addition she also worked with many designers such as Gianfranco Ferre, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and many others, Miss World In 2001, Fashion and Style introduced the reality of the Seljogenic on Nigerian TV in 2010.


4:Halle Berry

Born on July 14, 1966. She is a prominent American actress, former supermodel and producer of films, because of her best representation that she also won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 due to her performance in the film Monster Movie Monster because she is a black woman only To win this title. So she is one of Hollywood’s top actresses of the 2000s so far, before her entrance to acting has worked her as a super model so appeared in many beauty contests. She is also considered the most successful actress in her acting life as she won Emmy, Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress and many more.


3: Alicia Keys

Alicia Ogilo Cook is famous for its name Elias alias keys. She was born on January 25, 1981 and is an eminent American actress, singer, songwriter, record producer and pianist. She has made her appearance as a singer in the industry with J-Records, so her debut single song song in minor made great success with 12 million copies in the whole world because of this The album, she was able to get five Grammy awards including Best New Artist, a second singer from her hometown who received five Grammy Awards in one night, and this Black Beauty also made her appearance as a guest actress on several television shows and after that She appeared in many films on the big screen.


2: Deepika Padukone

Bollywood beauty is considered the best Black Beauty Deepika Padukone born on January 5, 1986, she leads the model and actress of Bollywood, she is also the most popular and top female industry leader, with a beautiful smile as well as her fresh and classic form, Deepika Padukone is an example of The eccentric beauty without the fair skin is therefore also called the most beautiful Asian women. She appeared in the Bollywood industry by a hit film Super Om Shanti Om which also won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut, having made her appearance in many of the top projects statistically.


1: Irina Shake

Irina Valeryvna Sheiklislamova is famous by her stage name Irina Shayk who was born on January 6, 1986 because she is a super hot model of Russia and she made her popularity before the world when she contracted the face of intimissime lingerie and appeared in the sport illustrated swimming case. She is called the first model of her magazine covering which is called the 8 best model for her followers on social media. Filed for the first time in the film industry in the movie MyGaron with Dwayne Johnson, she was also in relationship with the super soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.



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