Top 10 Richest Cricketers in the World 2018


There are such huge numbers of games played in this world yet cricket is a standout among st the most took after diversion in display world likewise called as noble man’s amusement by for the most part individuals there is class in this diversion, and players who played cricket they are the gentleman’s.

Cricket is similarly renowned in whole world yet couple of Asian nations like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh the diversion is viewed as more than a religion and individuals vigorously following this amusement.

Cricketers from whole world procure huge measure of cash since cricket is set up pleasantly and similarly prominent in each cricket darling nation, in Britain Australia this amusement is exceptionally celebrated and the cricketers are dealt with like stars yet in Asian nations cricket is without a doubt most watched diversion and the cricket players are a portion of the most elevated winning sportsman in their countries.

10. Michael Clarke

Clarke is the image of win for Australia he is without a doubt the wealthiest cricketer of Australia however when we discuss the most wealthiest cricketers on the planet Michael Clarke is one of them he had been commander of Australian side for all organizations yet after fruitful profession and wining world glass he had left the captaincy of few arrangements and he is outstanding amongst other batsman Australia had total assets of Clarke is right around 3 million dollars for every year Clark was conceived on second April 1981 in Australia likewise named as Clarey he is a decent cricketer in Australian group.


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9. AB De Villiers

AB was conceived in South Africa on seventeenth February 1984 his epithet is Mr 360 he has the power and ability to play each sort of shots toward each path, with an incredible strike rate that can change the entire diversion. Abdominal muscle de Villiers is among the rundown of the wealthiest cricketers on the planet and he is the wealthiest player of South Africa the total assets of Stomach muscle de Villiers is around $3.6 million he has earned a great deal of cash through the agreement with IPL and de Villiers is considered as one of those players who is called as match winning players he is been playing for Australia according to today his exceedingly gifted shots is the reason of his notoriety among all cricket sweethearts.


8. Yuvraj Singh

Mr Singh was conceived in India on 12 December 1981 he is named as Yuvi and a standout among st the most prevalent player in India he has turned into a big name in India individuals are tailing him as he crushed 6 sixes in his first t20 world container .and his name will never disregarded ever. In 2011 in ICC world glass he has been chosen as Man of the Competition for his great execution in the matches, his yearly salary is $3.9 million and he is considered as a standout among st the most talented player in India and on the rundown of wealthiest players on the planet.

Birmingham : India's Yuvraj Singh celebrates after scoring fifty runs during the ICC Champions Trophy match between India and Pakistan at Edgbaston in Birmingham, England, Sunday, June 4, 2017. AP/PTI(AP6_4_2017_000189A)

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7. Gautam Gambhir

Gautam is consider as a standout among st the best opener for Indian side he is left hand batsman and extremely well known among the cricket sweethearts because of his wired shots every which way yearly salary of Gautam Gambir is $ 5 million and he was conceived on fourteenth October 1981 in India. He is referred to as Gauti also his for the most part pay originated from different brands supports and IPL contracts are the real method for money for Gauti he could play all kind of shorts and he has capacity to win by just himself.


6. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi the Boom Boom he is one of those players who is more than a VIP people tailed him for him amazing bating capacities he is exceptionally popular in Pakistan as well as everywhere throughout the world otherwise called LaLa, Afridi was conceived on1st walk 1980 in Pakistan. He generally play with high strike rate he is the wealthiest cricketer of Pakistan and yearly pay of Shahid Afridi is around $5.9 million he is playing cricket for Pakistan for so long he can win the outlandish match too, he is well known for his enormous sixes he has the record of most sixes in the whole universe of cricket by a solitary individual he is the most remarkable batsman in Pakistani side.


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5. Shane Watson

Shane Watson is a standout among st the most well known Australian player he was conceived in Australia his date of birth is seventeenth June 1981, Shane Watson is known for his moniker Watto he is attractive and profoundly gifted batsman in Australian side his yearly wage is around $6 million. He is an incredible player particularly in one day cricket he has an esteem and he can win for his group, he is been playing for Australia in each configuration of cricket, his pay is for the most part originating from Australia focal contracts and from the agreements of IPL too he is a tasteful player and had that capacity to urn the entire match.


4. Virender Sehwag

Sehwag is an Indian batsman one of the guardian of Indian cricket he resembles a cricket god in India each cricket sweetheart in India is a major devotee of this player because of his great bating capacity and gifted shots everybody could become hopelessly enamored with this stunning player he was conceived on twentieth October 1978 in India. He has a moniker Viru his yearly salary is around 6 million he has played for Indian group for so long he is being resigned from global cricket and as of now he is playing IPL, so as he is resigned yet at the same time a standout among st the most winning player on the planet his brilliant bating line made him extremely mainstream among each side of the world.


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3. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle was conceived on 21st September 1979 in west Independents this player has class the way he celebrate in the wake of winning that is something out of the world Gayle has do many epithets which incorporates Gayle storm, ace tempest, and world manager. He is a genuine imagined batsman he play with high strike rate and the yearly salary of Gayle is ROUND $7.7 million he is been playing for west independents in each configuration and his real pay is originating from IPL contracts Gayle is considered as a standout among st the most unsafe batsman as he can play each kind of ball toward each path and he is truly a world class batsman.


2. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli another god father of Indian cricket the way he has kept up his execution is something uncommon, Virat is extremely acclaimed in India as well as each cricket sweetheart is cherishing this individual for his great bating his shots are amazing to the point that any cricket become hopelessly enamored and turned into a colossal devotee of this youthful Indian player. He was conceived on fifth November 1988 he is considered as one the most good looking player in the cricket world he is genuinely an exemplary batsman his yearly wage is around $24.9 million his pay comes through Indian focal contract, groups support and significant part is from contracts with IPL he is one of the greatest rising player.


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1. M.S Dhoni

M.S. Dhoni is an Indian cricket goliath, his yearly salary is around $28.7 million he is well known as Dhoni and his epithet is Mahi, he is one of those players who can play yet with great strike rates. Mahi was conceived on seventh July 1981 in India and separated from he is a decent batsman he is the best commander on the planet he generally had idealize procedure on the field and he is celebrated for his constantly cool disposition even in most troublesome circumstances. He has some huge brand in his grasp through their support he is procuring a great deal of cash and from the agreements of Indian cricket or IPL contracts.