Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2017


Who are the most powerful politicians in the world? As we all know, the top leaders of any nation play a crucial role in development, although some of those who build strong rules for a strong system. Every politician cannot be influential because some people have capabilities because it is not an easy task.

We have seen every prominent leader in social media and on television what power they enjoy making them stronger in the country. The former president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, is one of the most influential politicians who have preserved their security not only their homeland, but also helped other countries facing tensions because of terrorism because of the weakness of their security systems. We have brought together the top ten most powerful politicians in the world by looking at their competence until the world powers have cooperated side by side with.

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10.Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)

Dilma Vana Rousseff is a Brazilian economic and political expert who served Brazil as the 36th President of 2011 until she was indicted and dismissed from office on 31 August 2016. She is considered one of the most dominant politicians around the world and has been faced with a difficult time at the beginning of her career And raising the system of revolutionary improvisation. So, Rousseff was to face the jail behind bars for several months. After the release of the prison Rousseff cooperated with the 30-year-old collaborator Carlos Araujo to re-launch her career and played a commendable role as president of Brazil since January 1, 2001.


9.Hillary Clinton (USA)

She is the 67th Secretary of the United States from 2009 to 2013, and served her nation as the responsible senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, the first American lady from 1993 to 2001 and the candidate for the US 2016 Democratic-led election. There are a large number of people along with Hillary Rodham Clinton even during her campaign, although she married with US President Bill Clinton in 1975. One of the world’s most powerful politicians can appreciate her powers by watching people support in 2016 presidential elections No one has commented negatively on it.


8. Angela Merkel (Germany)

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician who currently serves his nation as Chancellor, while her party also leads the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). He is considered to be one of the most influential politicians around the world is a former research scientist. Angela took office in 2005 and has since played a vital role in making Germany a superpower. She entered politics in 1989 and was honored to be her first lady. She was elected First Vice-President of the Government of East Germany in 1990. As the most experienced politician, she was also appointed Minister of Women and Youth Affairs of the Federal Government under Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 1991.


7.David Cameron (UK United Kingdom)

David William served as the UK’s prime minister from May 2010 to July 2016. He is also among the world’s most powerful politicians for his outstanding performance during his reign. Cameron also showed his best as a conservative party leader from December 2005 to July 2016. He was known for his polite and friendly nature as he built pleasant relationships with everyone making the UK highly appreciated all over the world. Keep your home safe with a great view. Senior British leaders are also the only wanted individuals because of their ultimate success.


6.Narendra Modi (India)

One of India’s most experienced politicians, Narendra, has a reputation among the most powerful politicians in the world. He is believed to have been a strong politician since taking office as India’s 14th and current Prime Minister since 26 May 2014. Born on 17 September 1950 to a Gujarati family in Vadnagar, he pledged to corrupt his land. He also approved a project to develop hydrogen bombs as well as signed agreements that will certainly put India’s name among developed countries in the future. Moody also represented the person race time of the year award.


5.Donald Trump (USA)

US President Donald Trump is the world’s most powerful Donald Trump lashes by creating a mess of conflicting claims to divert attention away from real allegations. Donald Trump is a key manipulator for raising his political career by presenting false and destructive statements about Barack Obama. In 1970 when the Justice Department accused Trump of racially discriminatory rent policies, the government considered $ 100 million as a defensive attack. An extraordinary winner is how low he is willing to go is one of the successful investors in Silicon Valley in his side.


4.Manuel Valls (France)

Manuel Carlos Valls Galvati is a French politician who served in his homeland as prime minister from 2014 to 2016, but is a stronger politician in the world. He also praised his performance as interior minister from 2012 to 2014. Manuel is one of the most talented and well-known politicians around the world as great projects for intensive growth in France. When it comes to the oldest leaders of modern times, Manuel comes to his head because major developments have been carried out during the reign.


3.Vladimir Putin (Russia)

It is not only one of the most powerful politicians in the world, so one of the most trustworthy people they have found and trustworthy globally, and thus everyone salutes Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin’s superiority as worth it. The Russian people really love his policies to put his nation among the well-organized countries, appointed by the second and fourth presidents of the motherland because of his active duties to achieve better growth in Russia. Putin remained prime minister from 1999 to 2000, and his nation was again elected to a single post in 2008. He was president of the United Russia party during his presidency.


2.Imran Khan (Pakistan)

It would not be wrong to say that Pakistani politician Imran Khan is one of the world’s most dominant politicians, as demonstrated by the combination of a large number of people demonstrating against the ruling Labor Party (N), which is changing the bad regime at home. He was the most favorite of all during his cricket trip as a strong captain and gave the World Cup to his people in 1992 the biggest cricket championship in the world. Khan has not only shown his impressive ideas and intentions for Pakistan’s growth until he changed the youth’s view of the future of the country.


1.Xi Jinping (China)

Xi Jinping is also one of the most influential senior politicians, who has been appointed to the secondary grades as president of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, current Secretary-General of the Communist Party of China. And signed commendable projects for the development of the nation, and thus referred to as the “leading leader” of the nation. Jinping has strong and strong relations with other countries. He is also a central figure of the fifth generation of the Republic of the people’s leadership.



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