Top 10 Most Beautiful Oases Deserts In The World 2017


The desert is the most beautiful plan and the most amazing landscapes in the world which is the area usually covered by sand and rough things do not grow many plants and its small rain occurs called the desert.

Desert consists of a large arid region and features at the same time the sun can be worse in there and without any large number of trees can be very hot and difficult life Desert weather is difficult, wild and cruel, human love of adventure these places and can be beautifully captured and keep in mind forever.

The desert is not hospitable but today in this modern world our technology and a quick way of transport can allow us to have a close look so the lines made by the sand can be as beautiful as the large painted painted on a large area of land, oases in the desert like stars in the sky But the nights in the desert are a more beautiful and cooler way then a night in Greenland. In this world God created some wonders that can not be ignored These wonders include the beautiful and amazing desert.

Here is the list of most eye-catching oases in the desert around the world.


  1. Umm Al-Maa, Libya

The Mother of God Libya is the most amazing place that is lacking in Idhan Ubari sand sea, Libya there are more than 16 other lakes in the surroundings, this place is nicer then anywhere in the world, once anyone can go in there and see this amazing part From the ground you should be surprised and speak. Some lakes have been completed over time and some are still present as the heart of the Opary sand sea with the large trees and the green side of this amazing lake is a real wonder of God who can mesmerize anyone.


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  1. Timia Oasis, Niger

In Niger Temia Oasis is a beautiful piece of land from located in 6 hours Oases Drive is a small town located in the mountains of the air. Pomegranates and oranges are the best backdrops that increase the beauty of this beautiful city Tima oases have palm trees and lush green town surrounded by beautiful water basins and everyone living in this area has all the same landscapes at the same time mountains high desert large sand and water ponds making this scenery Amazing.

niger 02

  1. Crescent Lake, China

Desert Gobi is one of the largest desert in the world and has many beauty elements that make it one of the most spectacular places in the world, and the Crescent Lake in the desert is one of the real wonder surrounded by the echo of the sand mountains. These beautiful oases are located about 6 km south of Dunhuang city in China. This lake is dry because of less rain and desert people use it fixed for agriculture purposes but this lake is a nice place to see this lake crescent like a drop of summer water orientation.


  1. Oasis of Abraham, Syria

The oasis of Ibrahim is located between the cities of Hit and Haditha in the Anbar province of Syria. This beautiful oasis is of great importance in Islamic, Samaritan, Christian and Jewish history. This beautiful land consists of a lake of water and large palm trees with fruit trees and green land. This is the oasis of Ibrahim, 6 miles from the Euphrates. The oasis also provides shelter and food to poor people and shelter, and the government is responsible for their safety and can live in the beautiful oasis.


  1. Huakachina, Peru, America 

This oasis of Hokkashina is located in Peru, America and is also called Oasis of America is an oasis of 199 people according to the 2005 natural lake located around this beautiful oasis of Huakachina. There is a story of how this lake came into being once there was a princess who was hurt by a fisherman and go to a small pond that was near the house trees became shelter here and she became herself a mermaid and the pond expanded and became this beautiful beautiful lake and went to live in the lake. This Hokkashina Oasis is the most attractive place that has very few people living around this lake.


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  1. Ziz Oasis, Sahara Desert, Morocco

This site is very famous for tourist attraction It is said that when the Moroccan river begins to dry and then gives birth to the Ziz Oasis, Ziz is located in the largest desert in the world which is desert Morocco desert. Desert is the largest desert instead of having a very small fertile area and ziz is one of those lands that have been used for living organisms called the Ziz Valley. This valley is beautiful with modern and old building, as well as all the possible facilities available and the valley between the Rich and Marzouka is a very attractive area for tourists.


  1. The Sonoran Desert Oasis, America

In South America there is a piece of land called the Sahara Oasis Sonoran a large area that has green fields, large mountains, beautiful lakes and spectacular views of charming star nights and scenic landscapes. This is the hottest in Mexico this Sahara desert contain very epic plants and animals that increase the beauty of this oasis about 60 kinds of mammals, 360 bird species and more than 100 species of reptiles and species of local fish are also present in this large oasis oasis Sonoran very adventures where nights stars To add additional prestige to it.


  1. Ein Gedi Oasis, Israel

On the Dead Sea coast of Israel there is a small sky consisting of beautiful waterfalls, large green land, amazing cool nights, beautiful flowers and landscapes. Since the reign of Solomon’s kingdom this oasis Ein Gedi are located near Masada and the caves of Qumran meaning of this oasis name is the baby goat scene is a real picture of the gods wondered, in the sand, there is a beautiful red flower can not be human never imagined, but this is happening here in the oasis of Ein Gedi , Israel is an important destination for the peoples of the world.


  1. Agua Calient, Tucson, Arizona

This beautiful and surprisingly attractive oasis is located Tucson Arizona This beautiful oasis has turned into a garden and that is why this is a very attractive and favorite tourist destination as well. According to the ancient oasis of reports of very old and her residence since the last 5000 years, which makes this a unique oasis of its kind so there is a large palm amazing warm lakes and green areas, birds, animals and fish trees also lived on this big beautiful piece of land and large lakes and high mountains increase the beauty of this Ogua Calint Oases This place is one of the most beautiful desert oasis in the whole world.


  1. Oasis on a farm in the Red Rock Valley near Las Vegas

This place is like a fairyland an amazing place to visit, which is located in Las Vegas, America, this is a very large oasis with an amazing and amazing 520 acres of land since ages was a resting place for travelers and camping. This land has a $ 6 per entry car fee has large lakes, beautiful large rocky mountains when the sun is going to set it like arch red rainbow in the sky, and this amazing scene is like a painting that is beautifully painted and this is why this is an oasis upper desert The world keeps people coming here and experience this oasis adventures.



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