Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Pakistani Actresses In 2017


No need to introduce Asian beauty as it describes itself to their innocent beauty, attractive and gorgeous look and these countries are popular because of beauty around the world.

Pakistani women have wonderful and impressive personalities and work in every area of life. The Pakistan industry is full of beautiful and charming female actresses with lots of talent and skills and loved by many people around the world. The entire famous actress for the wonderful work in the industry is also famous for its beauty and eye-catching attention.

Some new celebrities have gained fame in a very short period of time, such as Mafra Hussein. The Pakistani actresses act as models, singers, commercial models, drama actors and movie stars, some of them celebrities who earn high wages and get popular day after day. Many Pakistani women are pretty engaged in entertainment but some of them are more beautiful and beautiful Pakistani actresses with the following big fan.

Here is a list of the top 10 beautiful Pakistani actresses in 2017.

10.Aysha Khan

Aysha Khan Announces as the most beautiful Pakistani drama and film actress was born on September 27, 1982. Beautiful innocent Aysha Khan begins her career in 2000 in the drama “Tom Yah Kihna” on her devotion and then work continuously and become more popular in Pakistan’s industry. In 2010 she appeared in five television series and she also did many commercials. She is a famous film actress and first appeared in War, Joan Fair Nei Annie, and Abhi to Joan Hoon Master. The stunning actress is considered the most agile and attractive lady who has starred in Pakistani TV series like Mehman, Socha Na Ta, Zip Bus Chop Rahu and many more.

Ayesha khan9.Saba Qamar

One of Pakistan’s most famous and beautiful actress Saba Qamar was born in 1984 and begins her career in 2004 with a masterpiece of home drama Aura Hon. She lived in the popular city of Karachi and is more famous because of her beauty and skills in the industry of entertainment industry also famous for funny acts. She has worked in several films such as Khabani, Manto and Lahore Sa Agy, and has gained a lot of fame. No doubt it’s amazing, gorgeous and amazing Pakistani actress model as well as getting popular day after day she also got a perfect height 5’7 “with a nice figure.

saba8.Ayesha Omar

Pretty hot Ayesha Omar that she gained fame from Bulbulay as a Khobsorat in a leading role. Ayesha Khan is a multi-national manufacturer of Pakistan as a singer, actress and model but begins her career with modeling. In 2012 she released her ” Khamoshian ” video album and obtained commercial success in Pakistan and won the award of the Lux Style for best album, music and video “Chalet Chalet” also very famous and loved by many people. I have done many commercials on TV such as zong, kurkury pentene, and many more. She is very attractive and is declared a beautiful Pakistani actress for this year.

Pepe-Jeans-Pakistan-SS16-starring-Ayesha-Omar-Sikander-Rizvi-187.Maya Ali

One of the highly talented and talented talented Maya Ali begins her career as a video ranger with SAMA TV, News and Donia News. Her real name was Maryam Tanveer Ali a 27-year-old Pakistani actress who was the most beautiful and beautiful. She earned fame because of the drama Deyaar dil, Shankt, Eskenai Cinderella, Mara Yousaf Ha and Mn Mayl in the leading role. She has the following big fan on the social media with a cheerful character that she also signed a recent comedy movie action film against the fingernail “Teva in Trouble” with the production of HBA

1280x720-w2y6.Ayeza Khan

The most stunning and popular character begins her career when she was only 16 years old on Hume Tuff as a model. A beautiful Pakistani television actress Ayeza Khan was married with the very famous Danish television actress in 2014 and they were working together in several soap operas and now she is the mother of a beautiful daughter Horain. She also won the Lux-style Best Actress Drama Award by Emmy Evelyn’s emotional drama and nomination for Meri Mehraban and Pyarey Afzal . Ayeza Khan serves as the brand ambassador for many products and earns a lot of money.

Ayeza20Khan2028-44-14421721015.Sanam Baloch

Glorious Sanam Baloch is a television drama actress and host born in Karachi. She begins her career with a talk show as an anchor on the KTN channel. She begins working in 2010 in Dastan Drama and won the Best Actress Award. She is nominated for Best Actress Award for Roshan Sitara and Nur Pur Ki Rani. She is very famous for her amazing smile and declares the beautiful Pakistani actress has a great fan after all the time. She married Abdullah Farahatullah and he also hosts Sama TV. She hosted the morning’s famous morning show with on HUM TV but currently hosts a morning show on the Ary News.

Sanam-Baloch-New-Images214.Mahnoor Baloch

Always look gorgeous Mahnoor Baloch was born in July 1970 in the USA has a lot of skills working as an actor, model, film director as well. She started acting in 1933 in the drama Marvi that was directed by Sultana Siddiqui and started directing and producing drama and playing a leading role as an actor. She wants to become a psychologist before the start of the showbiz industry has one daughter but still so young and very attractive personality and received great attention from the audience all the time now declare a beautiful actress from Pakistan. In 2011 she won the Lux Award for Best Actress.


3.Mawra Hocane

One of the hottest and talented Mawra Hocane is a Pakistani actress model born in September 1992 in Karachi and then moved to Islamabad with her family and actress gained popularity in a very short period of time. She begins a career at the age of 16 and begins a professional career as a VJ in Ary music. She is very talented, hard working and shows in numerous television series Ik tamanna Lahasil seand, Aahista Aahista, and many other hit serials. She made her first Bollywood debut at Sanam Teri Kasam and signed another film that likes Ranbir Kapoor and wants to work with him.
57eb74ed16ff12.Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is a beautiful Pakistani actress and famous style model and singer as well as she is very talented and popular all over the world. In 2008 she was announced in the magazine Eastern in the UK as the highest appeal of women in Asia and the Pakistani Princess by the magazine. She received a big response from Billy’s song in the Hollywood comedy “Na Malum Afrad”. She plays a leading role in many Pakistani series such as Kabhi Kabhi, Kitten Garhan, Paki Hen, Mary Deldar,  Mirat ul Aroos, and others. She is a wonderful lady and the most beautiful Pakistani actress.

Mehwish-Hayat1.Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is the most beautiful Pakistani actress as well as a very famous model born in 1984 and started her carrer in 2006 as a fugitive on the Pakistan spectrum. She is the highest paid actress of Lollywood and Pakistani series. It has gained popularity because of the drama of Hamsafer who was a super hit serial and won the Best Actress Award. In 2011 she began her career with Paul in the lead role in front of Atif Aslam and got another Lux Style Award for Best Actress. The beautiful Pakistani actress also appears in the Bollywood film Raees with the recently released King Shahrukh Khan.



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