Top 10 Largest and Biggest Crocodile Breads In the world 2017


The word Crocodile comes from the ancient Greek language which means Bif orchid, one of the largest reptiles in this world are crocodiles, and they are aquatic animals. In the Indian Pacific the crocodiles are found saltwater and these are the largest crocodiles that offer some large species extinct all semi-aquatic crocodiles are used to live in freshwater or muddy places as well.

Some species are very serious size, species, environment and behavior are different in different types of crocodiles. They belong to a carnivorous family and feed birds, mammals, reptiles and fish geology and found that there are 14 species of crocodile family who are extinct so far.

It is said that the size of crocodiles was in the past larger than the size found by the days now, so it can be imagined that how much they will use the lower and upper jaws to eat their food, are considered dangerous species in the world.

So here is the list of the top 10 largest crocodiles in the world in 2017.

  1. Slender-Snouted Crocodile

And found in Africa the size of this crocodile slender carved about 3.3 mm and the weight is 205 kg This is not more dangerous for humans but it is mainly eating snakes, fish, and other amphibians. This crocodile is considered opportunistic opportunistic their teeth are too sharp they are too aggressive crocodile and live in fresh water. This female crocodile puts approximately 16 large eggs in size that remain mostly close to the nest. This alligator has more years of hearing, smell and sight like other kind of skinny nose nose nose eyes all up along the top of the head .


  1. American Crocodile

It is also considered the largest crocodile in the world with a length of 5.3 meters and a weight of around 240 kg which is huge in weight and size as well as small size female crocodiles. It is one of two live spices in the alligator genus that inhabits fish feeding fresh water, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and other things. IUCN has less concern with American crocodiles, state reptiles than the spice of three such as Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. First they were classified by the French animal scientist in 1801.

Crocodile - Rio Tarcoles

  1. Tomsitoma

Tomsitoma crocodile has an average length of 4m and weight about 210 kg This female crocodile is smaller than a male but 4M long female crocodile declares as the largest crocodile in the world. Historically this has happened in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and this crocodile lives in fresh water and has very sharp teeth that are used to hunt for prey. Most of them prey the jaw fish of this female alligator too long in size and sharp as well. The V shape of this lower jaw is considered slender. This is brown dark radish with dark brown and black spot.


  1. Mugger Crocodile

Mugger Crocodile is a medium-sized reptile found in Indian sub-content as they live in freshwater populations and feed birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. It is reported that the crazy crocodile is famous for attacking humans and they are very fond of meeting as well. The average size of this crocodile is about 3.3 meters and the average weight is about 225 kg when the hunt hides under water and wait for its prey then attacked and fed. This is one of the most dangerous spice in the alligator family.


  1. Gharial

Gharial is one of the most likely light species and one of the most vulnerable in the world this black has an average length of 4.3 meters and some of them up to 6.1 meters but the average weight of these specifications is about 250 kg. Unlike other crocodiles, these crocodiles face very long and their weight must lower. Then any crocodile species are native to the famous Indian subcontinent to eat fish for their fodder, and they are found in freshwater rivers and lakes also dangerous to humans. Many cases have been reported by this longest reptile attack .


  1. American Crocodile

This American crocodile is dangerous to humans and the average size recorded is about 4 meters and the total weight is more than 340 kg with a speed of 10 miles per hour and the water speed recorded at 20 miles per hour. These are the largest reptiles found in coastal areas of South America and North America that use them to live in freshwater so found in the vision as well. American crocodiles are endangered species just as found in America, and this is also considered very dangerous to humans every year There are many cases reported by American crocodile attacks.


  1. Black Caiman

In the Amazon River this black Caiman is the largest predator, mostly found in South America and this is one of the largest member of the family. They live in fresh water, mostly in South America lakes unlike other family members. This characteristic is not familiar to feed mammals, reptiles, birds, or fish they are the bravest family crocodile members and they chase serious prey like piranha, anaconda. The black cyan is about 3.9 meters in size and has an average weight of about 350 kilograms. They do not have a record of human attack, but they are capable of doing so.


  1. Orinoco alligator

These crocodiles are very beautiful and are threatened with extinction. This crocodile will soon be extinct because it exists only in Colombia and Venezuela. Its shape is very beautiful and the average size of this crocodile is 4.1 meters and the average gross weight is around 360 kg and some individuals are much larger as they grow to 6.6 meters and their weight can be more than 600 kg. Orinoco is the third and most dangerous of the crocodile family to eat mammals and reptiles.


  1. Crocodile Nile

This crocodile designation is considered as the world’s largest. The average size of these crocodiles is more than 4.3 meters, which is very aggressive and very dangerous to humans as well. Every year there are nearly 800 attacks by the Nile crocodile. Mammals, fish, reptiles and birds are also fed as they come to the surface as well as approaching their food silently, and the jaws are so large that the mammals can be easily eaten by these distinctive Nile crocodiles and are one of the largest in this world. They are found in Asia, Australia, America and Africa.


  1. Crocodile salt water

One of the largest larger crocodile species is the average saltwater crocodile. The length of this spec is 4.3 meters and the weight is more than 450 kg. Saltwater is the property of all reptiles but some are too large that the volume can reach 6.7 meters and the weight can be 2000 kg. This saltwater is very sensitive as in 1945 killed 4,000 Japanese soldiers. These crocodiles are the largest in the reptile family of animals. The color of saltwater is gray black and it is the most dangerous reptile in this world.



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