To ‘Utterly Vicious And Barbaric’ Sanctions North Korea To Accelerate Nuclear Program In Response


North Korea has threatened to speed up its nuclear activities in response to the “brutal and absolutely brutal sanctions” imposed by the United Nations. In somewhat irregular ways, the Pyongyang Foreign Ministry spoke of the entities affected by the UN-led economic fighting.

Several individuals and entities associated with the isolated North Korean regime have been blacklisted by UN Security Council sanctions to try to pressure the country to pursue its nuclear and missile programs. Whenever there is an aggressive act by the North, such as launching a missile or testing a nuclear explosion, the United Nations is trying to impose sanctions on the rogue nation.

“Rapid calculation shows that 15 party [Communist] and Communist parties, 73 companies and other entities, and about 90 people from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – the official name of North Korea] are currently on the sanctions list, along with 16 aircraft, But hardly any of them are related to the munitions area at all, “according to the Korean Central News Agency. There is also variation in figures from the North and United Nations official figures.

“While US and other hostile forces are further protecting the moves to impose sanctions and pressure on the DPRK, the hatred and anger of the army and people of the country will only grow, and the DPRK will further accelerate the strengthening of its nuclear power to eliminate the base of aggression and all evils, .

The latest round of sanctions – the first since US President Donald Trump entered the White House – a black list of 14 entities and four people was announced in early June after repeated rocket fire from the north Bringing the total number of individuals on the blacklist to 53 and 46.


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