To Reply 7-Year-Old Girl Who Asked For A Job Google Boss Sends Heart-Warming


The old girl seven years ago who wrote to Google CEO asks for a job post gratifying for the mission.It was Chloe Bridge was discussed with her father, where she had worked one day he showed her photos famous Google’s headquarters.

Clearly impressed, she decided she wanted to work for the technology giant and penned a letter touching the beginning of the “boss Aziz Google.””My dad said I cannot sit on bean bags and go down the slide and ride go-karts in a job in the (Google),” she said.

Expressing a variety of career aspirations, which include work in the chocolate factory or become Olympic swimmer, and she said, “I love the very computers … and my teachers tell Mom and Dad I’m very good in class … My dad said if I had to carry on to be good learning and then one day I may be able to get a job at Google. ”

“My dad told me to give you apply for a job at Google, and I do not really know what one is, but said he will write a letter to do now,” she said.

Chloe for a surprise, after only four days received a personal response from Google CEO Sundar Pichai”Thank you very much for your letter. I’m glad that you like computers and robots, and we hope to be able to continue to learn about technology,” he wrote. “I think that if you keep working hard, and after your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind l work at Google to swim in the Olympics.

“I look forward to receiving a job application when you are done with school! :)”All the best to you and your family”

My mother said Chloe Julie Sky News her “just lit” When I saw the envelope with the Google logo on it. “I did not expect a reaction at all, it was a complete shock,” she said. “It was really beautiful to Chloe because she put a lot of effort into writing the letter. I did this for two days.”

A viral message after he posted a father Chloe Andy Bridgewater on LinkedIn, receiving more than 10 million views, and the payment of telephone calls to Chloe from Japan, China and the United States.

He said sales of Hereford him “Entrepreneurship” the daughter of the director of “taken it all in her step.” He explained: “We were gobsmacked, but I do not think Chloe can understand the size of the reaction she’d got after it.”

He said – “We are very proud of her and her younger sister, Holley, five] is something like that, she’s got a great spirit of initiative from the nursery, it’s always been said in the school reports it is a bright, hard-working and polite.” .