To Feed Those Behind Bars German Police Turn To Mcdonald


For most people who have been detained by the police, and the food is not exactly standard Michelin star is not only bread and water. But the detainees in one group of German cells have been treated to McDonald’s for their meals.

At the police station Bergisch-Gladbach near Cologne, those being kept in a cell can choose between a hamburger, cheeseburger or veggie burger from the menu a popular fast food chain.There is also a breakfast option “McToast” for those waking up after a night in the cells.

Thanks to popular branch in the fast-food shop is happening on the other side of the road, and police used them as a source of food after the contract with the usual food supplier suddenly stopped.

He said police spokesman Richard Barz German press that “the site and supply round-the-clock decision-making” when looking for a new source of food.

Last year, 0.642 people died in the holding cells at the station, and was serving about 300 meals.Burger service has been described as a one-time, the station optimistic that a new agreement can be with for the supply of food.