They Find Proof Of New ‘Sinister’ Isis Tactics As Us-Led Coalition Launch Probe Into Civilian Deaths


The US-led coalition announced on Thursday that they had launched an official inquiry into the deaths of nearly 200 civilians in western Mosul on March 17 – suspected of air strikes.The coalition also said they had found video evidence of Isis’ “evil” tactics of killing ordinary people in the war zone to use the fears of civilian victims as a way to deter further attacks.

Following the March 17 incident in a village in western Mosul, where nearly 200 people were killed after their homes collapsed, aid groups working in the area were accused of coalition air strikes on innocent civilian victims. However, Iraqi officials insisted that the houses that collapsed on that day were rigged with Isis bombs. Some blamed the Isis bombing.

On Thursday, Col. Joseph Skruka, a coalition spokesman, told Pentagon reporters that Army Commander General Stephen Townsend, commander of the hardline operation, ordered the investigation.

“Our goal is to inflict civilian casualties, but there is a legal and moral need to protect our forces and to accomplish the mission against an evil enemy just as important as protecting civilians.”We will continue to evaluate and adjust our tactics to hold civilians accountable on the battlefield while we turn to Isis whenever and wherever we can,” the spokesman said.

A comprehensive investigation would allow their campaign to analyze other aspects of the case, such as evaluating the strike measures and the effects of encouraging tactics, he said. He added that the investigation officer’s recommendations could also help improve operations in western Mosul.

About the video guide he said: “What you see now is not the use of civilians as human shields, and now, something more sinister.”A preacher is smuggling civilians into buildings so we can not see them, in an attempt to stab the coalition to attack, take advantage of public protests and deter future action,” he said.”They have doubts but the video has now provided evidence of Isis’ new tactics.”

It was reported that the video showed that Isis gunmen were forcing civilians to build, killing one who resisted, then using the building as a fighting position against the Iraqi counter-terrorism service.