The Times Ending Ed Sheeran’s Reign Harry Styles Scores First Solo No 1 With Sign


Harry Styles topped the charts in the UK with his first appearance in the Times. The former Wan Dirkton star in the form of Sheeran of Ed Sheeran won the first place to end the 13-week period.The first track of his self-titled album, a piano song that drew comparisons with Mick Jagger and David Bowie, is the first person in Steeles as a solo artist.

According to the official chart company, the Times has surpassed the Sheeran track with 3,000 copies, and has received fewer than 40,000 downloads and 3.5 million streams.But not all the bad news for Thinking Ott and Lud Heatmaker, who just evaded the court case of copyright, he also keeps his post at the top of the album charts.He recorded 16 tracks in the top 20 songs, and David became the best-selling album by a male artist.

However, the patterns may also challenge Sheeran’s dominance of the charts with the release of his first album on May 12 as both sides head back.While you were the # 1 figure on a 100 hot plate for 10 weeks, it is expected to make one solo in one single US chart.

The best song singer ever follows in the footsteps of his former team mate Zain Malik, who was the first member of the ring to go solo, releasing his first solo album of mine mine in March. She also topped the singles list with her first single, Billotalk.Steez, who is due to succeed in Dunkirk in World War II, will sign the Times Times on Saturday Night Live on April 15 and Graham Norton on April 21. His first appearance would be without his colleagues.


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