Tesla Recalls 53,000 Model X And Model S Cars Over Faulty Parking Brake


Tesla issued 53,000 car recall due to the “manufacturing issue” with the parking brake model S and model X built between February and October 2016.In a move that described California as “cautious,” an e-mail was sent to the owners of the damaged cars. Tesla says the error relates to “small equipment” that could have been “incorrectly manufactured” by a third party supplier.

The e-mail reads: “Tesla recently discovered a potential industrial case with electric parking brakes installed on some S-type and X-model vehicles that could prevent the brake waiting from being released.”We do not believe that this issue can ever lead to safety concerns for our customers, we have not seen a single incident or injury related to it.However, in order to be very careful, we will be proactive replacing these spare parts to ensure that they do not appear any problems “.

Shares in Tesla fell 1.7% following the call being announced, but soon recovered partially to -0.85% at the time of publication.Tesla believes that the gear was incorrectly manufactured in about 2% of the 53,000 vehicles but issued a voluntary call regardless. “There was no news of the failure of the brake system to wait for a parked car or not to stop a car in an emergency as a result of this condition,” the company said.Affected car owners will soon receive a second email officially informing them of the call and explaining how they can go about setting an appointment at the local Tesla garage.


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