First self Driving Bus ready to hit the roads of Las Vegas

On January 20 Las Vegas residents will have to catch a lift from a completely independent bus driving on the public roads in the United States.Electric vehicle seats 12 passengers with East Fremont Street between Las Vegas Boulevard and Eighth Street ferrying hearing will spend a two-week trial. This road is the main Vegas strip and a few minutes from McCarren International Airport.


Samsung Galaxy S8 design leaked Body Shape, Water Proof and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S8 on is a matter of weeks away, but still appears to Samsung’s best efforts, scheduled to load a series of leaked photos, free cover is blown flagship Android.Thanks to the early appearance before a handful of third-party smartphone cases, we now have a fairly good idea of the Galaxy S8.

apples-next-iphone-rumored-to-have-facial-recognition-powered-by-a-new-laser-sensor copy

Apple iPhone 8 Going to add Face Recognition by Laser Sensor

Apple’s main iPhone next 8 could include a form of facial recognition / gesture, according to a research note by Cowen and Company.It speculates several iPhone features the next report could include pointed out that facial recognition / gesture will be supported by a laser sensor and a new infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera.

LG-G-Flex-4-Preview-Specs-Features-Price-and-Release-Date-1 copy

LG Going to Introduce New Smartphone, Fordable an Transforming

The next big thing in the smartphone design is flexible displays, and manufacturers of mobile phones spin with it. LG is said to work on a foldable device that claims it plans to unveil later in 2017, and now patented have emerged to give us some clue as to what it may seem.

lg-x-16 copy

LG Going to Launch new Flagship Smartphone on 26 February at MWC

LG has sent calls for a media event scheduled on February 26, which is only one day before the start of Mobile World Congress 2017 off in Barcelona, Spain.Reads the slogan call “, watched, play more”, without any details about the product are expected at the event.


Ubisoft Announces Requirements For Honor PC Of Upcoming Multiplayer Beta

Ubisoft officially announced the minimum and recommended system requirements for the PC version of the action game based on the team for their upcoming closed beta honors. Minimum specs are a little more accessible to a Core i3-550 30 FPS 720p setting or with the Phenom II X4 955, 4GB of RAM and a GTX 660 or HD 6970. The target resolution and frame rate when the need.

image copy

Marvel, Square Enix And Avengers Game Announce ‘Multi-Game’ Partnership

Square Enix acquired the rights to make a video that rely on the hero of the universe Marvel games. The game will first cover of The Avengers, and revealed with a trailer teasing the existence of the temple, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

maxresdefault copy

New Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Trailer Introduces

EA and Bioware have released a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda focus on the upcoming sci-fi RPG story, which sees different types of solar system to travel to the Andromeda galaxy in search of a new home.

Google-Pixel-Google copy

Rumored Google Pixel 2 Coming With Improved Processor, And Camera Higher Price Tag

Google pixel series is just a few months old, but rumors began to spread about the next-generation models. According to the latest projections there could be significant upgrades on that list.

instagram-tips-turn-on-post-notifications_8-100652902-orig copy

Instagram Multi-Photo Posts: Other New Album Feature Will Be Coming In The Next Update

Instagram could be about to change the way we share photos all over again by adding the option to include several images in one post. It is expected to launch in the next update to iOS and Android feature, and can lead to flooding sunny, the perfect candidate additional vacation packages through social feeds on the photo-sharing application.

firefoxosdeadmain copy

Connected Devices Division Of Mozilla Is Shuts Down

Mozilla told employees Thursday (February 2) that has been closed attached devices division, which was responsible for bringing Firefox OS devices connected such as routers, funds flow and smart TVs.

htc_one_a9_story_1484644680181 copy

In Europe Android 7.0 Nougat Update For HTC 10 Resumes

HTC resumed its program of renovation Nougat 7.0 Android flagship smartphone HTC 10, as promised.Update originally started late last month, with Graham Wheeler, products and services for HTC Europe, Middle East director, confirming an update OTA weighing in at 1.17GB was seeding models unlocked. The update is available for users in regions including the United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East and Turkey.

samsung-galaxy-s7-edge copy

How To Use ‘Beauty Mode’ On Rear Camera Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

Rated Galaxy camera lens S7 and S7 edge of one of the best of 2016 has already been given a wide range of media from Pro to put food for hyperlapse. Now with Android 7.0 on the Galaxy nougat circular scale S7, has come a so-called ‘put the beauty of the “new camera to light for the camera in the background mode.

lg-g5 copy

LG G6: New leaked images ‘Full Vision’ display and show off brushed metal finish

A series of images showing erupted appear to show the main phone is expected from LG. Images provide a closer look at the G6 LG, despite the lack of additional information about what can happen inside the phone.

facebook_on_mobile_phone copy

The Tor Project’s New Smartphone App Can Help Report Internet Censorship And Detect

Tor Project, an online service offering anonymity organization, announced the launch of the application of the new smart phones, dubbed “OONIProbe”, which can be used to detect and monitor and report on Internet censorship and surveillance worldwide.

181119-21358017_max-952cfa-large-1443499117-620x349 copy

New Play, Sub And Connect Costs Confirmed, Brexit Hikes Sonos Prices By Up To £100

Home audio specialist Sonos became the latest tech company to announce a huge increase in pricing in the United Kingdom after Brexit, with play, Sub, connecting bands hit all with price increases of up to 25%. He held President of the United States maker bumps prices on exchange rate fluctuations.

Sony-patent-shows-PS-VR-could-get-one-of-HTC-Vives-best-features copy

HTC Vive-like room tracking with Sony patents wireless PlayStation VR system

Patent filings have appeared by Sony that a possible trace of the headset PlayStation system details VR her to see untethered, Room on the scale and expertise of virtual reality on the PS4. Deposit depicts a sensor to track location, wall-mounted in a similar way to the base station and HTC Lviv for use with PSVR device that connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

103940737-DSC_3433.1910x1000 copy

Apple Said To Build Wireless Charger For Future Iphone By Working With Broadcom

Apple has been working with the Broadcom to develop a solution for wireless charging to be used in the iPhone models in the future, a new report indicates.The partnership between Apple and Broadcom, which lasted for nearly two years, and wrote analyst with JP Morgan Harlan fence in a research note, obtained by CNBC, which was released on Friday (February 17)

static2.politico copy

Will Apple make Siri smart speaker rival Amazon Echo and Google Home?

With smart devices spokesman from Amazon and Google take the consumer technology industry by storm, and is expected other companies to follow suit in the near future – but Apple may not be one of them.

singapore-telecommunication-china-mobile-zte_ros6_44875441 copy

In London In 2017 Samsung To Begin Super-Fast 5G Internet Trials

Samsung and the telecommunications company Arqiva will bring 5G mobile Internet to the United Kingdom during the second half of 2017.The two companies will conduct a trial in central London to discover whether it is in the next generation of technology can become a suitable alternative to the broad range of fiber optic from 2020 onwards.


Now Rumoured For Summer Release Date New Apple Ipad Pro 2 Range

Apple’s long-awaited renovation of the iPad Pro can be set to hit the shelves later than expected, according to a new report. The initial three Pro tablets rumors bound year for the launch at a ceremony in March ahead of Q1 2017 release.

Note-4 copy

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 getting Android security patch in Europe in February

Samsung is rolling out in February security patch for the Galaxy Note 4 in Europe.Carrying version N910FXXS1DQB4 program, modernization and seeding for unbranded Note 4 devices across Europe. Along with the security patch, users should see the optimization and other improvements to install the update.

1SAA0100 copy

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge available for Secure folder

Galaxy can S7 and S7 Edge users now the maximum benefit from the safe folder. Samsung achieved the only application available for download from the Samsung Apps store for DUOS S7 Android 7.0 operating system or later. The company has plans to expand its support for additional devices soon.


On 17 March, Nier Automata Coming To PC

Square Enix and Platinum Games has announced its next RPG NIER: Automata was set for release on March 17 for PC, two weeks after its release for the PS4. Gold went to the game early last month, and is already in Japan since 23 February.

14101780_t-mobile-rolls-out-february-security-patch_1462d2eb_m copy

In February Galaxy S5 Receives Android Security Patch In Europe

Samsung is rolling out in February security update for Android Galaxy S5. Users in Europe should see a notification alert about the availability of update.And install the new firmware to increase infrastructure S5’s G900FXXS1CQB5 version. Also, we should see an improvement stability and bug fixes, and apart from the monthly security patches, according to the Club Galaxy.

google_doodle_womens_day_2 copy

Some Of The Female Pioneers To Mark Google Celebrates International Women’s Day 2017

Google celebrated the International Day in 2017 with a slide show featuring 13 female entrepreneurs from all over the world who say they have women “paved the way to where we are today.”Recognizing that some of the women featured in the doodle may not be household names, the search giant on the Internet all of them say “make a mark in their own way.”

samsung-galaxy-c5-philippines-5 copy

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, Specs, Release Date, Features, Price, And Much More

Two months ago, comes a large and incredibly positive response after the launch of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pro C7 in China. The price of C7 pro in China nearly Rs 24100 CYN in local currency equal in their country.

google_doodle_holi-624x351 copy

With A Splash Of Colour Google Doodle Celebrates Holi 2017

Google Doodle celebrates Holi, the Hindu spring festival, with a splash of color animated figures throw purple, blue, yellow, green and red paint on the letters.”Amid a cloud of red, blue, yellow and green and everything in between, festival-goers can often be found laughing, singing and dancing in the streets,” Google said.

Overwatch-update-773334 copy

For PS4, Xbox One And PC Overwatch Hero Orisa Release Date Announced

Blizzard announced this hero played 24 of observation on the part of, and Tank-class Android Orissa, will be presented to the shooter hit online next Tuesday, March 21. It was detected at the end of a news and behind-the-scenes video about the development of the character.

3079328-horizonzerodawn_e32016_thunderjaw_tallneck_1465873632 copy

Top 2.6 Million Worldwide Two Weeks After Launch Horizon Zero Dawn Sales

Games sales guerrilla war PS4 exclusive action adventure game horizon zero dawn exceeded 2.6 million worldwide, after more than two weeks on sale, Sony has announced. The game is also the best-selling new first party to launch IP for PS4.

maxresdefault copy

With A Trip To Mystical Skellig Michael Google Doodle Celebrates St Patrick’s Day

Google celebrates St. Patrick’s Day 2017 by taking readers to the mystical Skellig Michael, a remote island off the coast of County Kerry in Ireland.Animation, green, of course, two of the alfalfa shows the exchange of high-five at the head of the island.

lg-g4-in-hand-1500x1000-1200x630-c copy

Over G4 And V10 Bootloop Issues LG Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Many of the owners of LG G4 and V10 on a lawsuit against LG in federal court in California claiming recurring issue has been raised bootloop “makes phones invalid and unusable any.”The plaintiff in the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday (March 15) claims the company replaced G4 him twice, and it was his third “manifested signs of imbalance bootloop a unmerchantable”.

1472631690256 copy

In New Zealand For The Last Decade Apple Has Paid No Income Tax At All

Apple has not paid any income tax in New Zealand over the past 10 years because of an extraordinary treaty with Australia, although it has made billions of selling iPhones, iPads and Macs in the country.

Screen-Shot-2017-03-20-at-104054 copy

With Daffodil And Sleeping Mouse Google Doodle Celebrates Spring Equinox

Spring is here! To celebrate Google has put moderation in the Northern Hemisphere with Doodle Animation featuring mouse and daffodil.The cute animation features a mouse sleep in a rather nice underground room – complete with wall pictures, a calendar, a broom and even a blanket and pillow!

161103111254-german-zero-emission-train-exlarge-169 copy

Hydrogen Train Completes Test Run, First Zero-Emission

Zero-emission train, silently managed on a hydrogen fuel cell and emitted only steam and condensed water, has successfully run the first test.Corradia Ilient ran at 80km / h on the test track in Salzgitter


Apple’s Red Iphone 7, Upgrade 9.7-Inch Ipad, 7 Plus, Features, News, Release Date, Price, Specs

I Phone other products belongs to the iPhone 7 Red color, many new features, applications have also introduced the iPhone 7 plus 9.7 upgrade by surprising world with new features.The iPhone is a company that has a good reputation in the world, and its way of introducing new technologies can not be replaced by Anyther Inc. No one can take a place named in technology and its latest features.

160205123332-cia-logo-chasing-justice-exlarge-169 copy

Experts Warn The CIA Is Jeopardizing America’s Digital Security

WikiLeaks released the latest secret cache C.I.A. The documents on Thursday as part of the current “Volt 7” operation, exposing the US government of piracy and digital espionage capabilities – this time has to do with the Evon devices and other smart devices used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. But there has been a question of cyber security experts and computer scientists much more devastating than any of the secret information that has emerged in the new leaks: C.I.A total neglect of safety measures developed to detect these serious flaws in smart gadgets.

m16-122 copy

All Science Instruments To Be Switched On, Nasa’s Juno Preps For Fifth Jupiter Flyby

NASA’s Jono spacecraft was equipped with the fifth flight from Jupiter. The solar-powered spacecraft will rise as the nearest gas giant approaches at 4:52 am EDT on Monday, about 2,700 miles above the planet’s peak.All eight scientific instruments will remain operational during the flight, which comes almost two months after the previous date.

factsheet-artwork copy

In Fourth Lagrangian Area Spacecraft Finds No Earth-Trojan Asteroids, NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex Mission Update

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft, which was heading for the near-Earth asteroid Pino, has successfully cleared part of the area surrounding the Trojan asteroids, NASA said on Friday. Although no such asteroids were detected, the survey showed that the main instrument on board the spacecraft worked much better than expected.


As Children’s App Hosts Disturbing Content Youtube Controversy Grows

The controversy over how YouTube monitors inappropriate content has been set for expansion as a new set of disturbing videos has been discovered on Google’s basic system.YouTube has faced a growing backlash in recent weeks after it revealed that the site failed to eliminate a host of extremist and offensive material hosted on the site.

1Bb53sB copy

NASA Explains Sun Damage The Moon’s Surface And The Beauty, What Is A Lunar Swirl?

Much like the name “Moon Vortex” means, this feature on the moon looks like a damp of cream in your coffee. But it is more attenuated to do poorly applied sunscreen – while the parts of your skin are protected from sunlight, other stains and streaks are unprotected and more susceptible to damage.


Russia, China Can Shoot Down US Satellites, War In Space?

The US military’s ability to launch wars around the world and intelligence gathering satellites and communications could be open to attacks from other major superpowers such as China and Russia, space experts said in a report released Wednesday.


ExoMars 2020 Update: Candidate For Mars Rover Mission ESA Chooses Second Landing Site

When Exomars Rover lands on the surface of the Red Planet in 2021, it will do so in either the Oxum Blanc or the Valais gene. The European Space Agency (ESA) said on Tuesday it had suspended the list of possible landing sites for the mission to the two sites mentioned in previous observations on the presence of water in the planet’s early history.

drone-footage-supposedly-shows-isis-fighter-using-child-human-shield copy

They Find Proof Of New ‘Sinister’ Isis Tactics As Us-Led Coalition Launch Probe Into Civilian Deaths

The US-led coalition announced on Thursday that they had launched an official inquiry into the deaths of nearly 200 civilians in western Mosul on March 17 – suspected of air strikes.The coalition also said they had found video evidence of Isis’ “evil” tactics of killing ordinary people in the war zone to use the fears of civilian victims as a way to deter further attacks.

comcast-cellular-service-verizon-deal copy

Despite Repeal Of Privacy Laws AT&T, Comcast, Verizon Will Not Sell Internet Browsing History

Three of the largest Internet service providers in the United States – Comcast, Verizon and AT & T – announced that they will not sell the individual browsing history of customers, although Congress reflects the Internet privacy rules of the Obama administration.


By Airport Security Laptop Explosives May Not Be Detected

Intelligence said the portable bombs used by terrorists may not be detected by airport security.The US intelligence services have information indicating that terrorist organizations have access to advanced technology that prevents the detection of hidden devices hidden in laptops, CNN repo


Skyscraper Architect Fazlur Rahman Khan’s 88th Birthday Celebrates By Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the birthday of architect Fazlur Rahman Khan. The engineer, who was named the man of construction in the year by the Engineering News Record in 1972, is credited with revolutionizing the way that skyscrapers were designed and constructed.

ce915272-f354-11e6-8a92-5a4126ffa8eb_1280x720 copy

To Improve Public Image Samsung Shuts Official Website And Blogs Post Lee Jae-Yong Arrest

Samsung has closed all official corporate websites and blogs under the Samsung group in an attempt to improve its public image after the arrest of its vice-president Lee Jae-young.

2-howartificia copy

Attorneys Say, Artificial Intelligence Will Require New Laws, Future Robots In The Work Place

International Bar Association Global Employment Institute on the impact of a 120-page report released Tuesday titled, “The artificial intelligence and robotics and work.” Report illegal group warned the change that our ability to install approved means our rules manpower facts so as not to move to countries they will not reflect the government’s new legislative and legal framework , is left behind.

aea9bd2dc58e41a89ba7d42400c13d49 copy

In California Indicates Permit Apple May Start Testing Self-Driving Cars

Apple may begin testing its own self-driving car soon, as the company recently obtained a permit from the Department of Automotive in California (DMF) to test its own driving technology.

image_1492257638_7304760 copy

To The Flagship Series In Galaxy S8 Android 7.1 Update May Roll Out Soon

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are likely to be the first Samsung devices to receive Android 7.1 update and perhaps very soon.Sambil reports that various Samsung applications like S Health and Game Tuner now support Android 7.1. Although in the form of APEC their company applications also show support for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +. This suggests that Samsung has begun testing the Android 7.1 update for both devices.