Taj Express Is Going To Head 23 February, Thursday At Gaillard


    After two years of struggle to complete the scenario, Gillard is going to show on-air name “frank crown.” This exhibition consists of dance, music and writing, but may also have been done from the fashion and practices in the time period of two years. This show is going to portray the powerful nature of Bollywood films expressing dance and music.

    It follows the composer, who debuting the first Bollywood film to him by Taj Express. The subject of the exhibition is a creative composer struggle and fight with the Bollywood industry and efforts to ultimately create a better his compositions. Vaibhavi Merchant, choreographer Taj Express is known for his choreography in Bollywood hit songs such as Doom 3, Kajrare, Kamli, Jhoom Bhrabar and Dhool baje.

    Creative director of the union of the Taj Express Ankoh Dhawan said that this show is going to portray the male lead and with real emotions will struggle to Bollywood composer. He added that the exhibition of the other we have created a new story will show the US through live music and choreography.

    Is completely new work in this show the American public and a new culture of modernity India will be on display in this exhibition. The crew has come and is going to work on this from all over India, and they will conceive a new culture of India with full emotions. This US special performance in 2400 with ornaments versatile costumes will be worn by the Taj Express crew. These dresses are not normal as it is time consuming than two months to make this fashion consists Taj Express crew of 22 dancers. The embroidery is precisely on this fashion.

    Dhawan said that the American people will not understand the words, but you will certainly love the music and the music is a universal language.