Sparks Social Media Debate On Racism Viral Video On BBC Interview Hijacked By Children


Video of two children to break into the room while the BBC were interviews with their father, which turned thousands of viral and amused, a debate on the various social media. The mother or nanny, who burst into the room and pull the children from?

It showed comments on Twitter and Facebook public anger at why initial media reports and others were supposed to help the woman was hired. But was she?actually no. The woman was on the issue of Kim Jong-all, the wife of Professor Robert Kelly, the man who was being interviewed on TV directly.

Video funny though it had raised intense debate about systemic racism and stereotypes. “Do we really still, in 2017, profiling publicly?” Jane McQuire demand”Vision Asian woman in a white man’s home with the kids and say to ourselves:” Yes, this is a nanny, and now, let’s send a group of tweets call her nanny like it’s a fact. ”

The Guardian noted that speculation and social media to identify the woman continued, with the statements published on say it looked scared and was afraid of losing her job – despite the fact that the tweet posted by Kelly in 2012 showed him and her at a polling station in South Korea.

That viewers in South Korea do not have a sinful woman’s identity as an older child shows that he said: “Mama, why?”Phil Yu, blogger, told the Los Angeles Times, said: “There are stereotypes of Asian women as submissive and passive, and achieve the kind of the role of the service people were quick to make that assumption.”

Similarly, Hillier Cheung wrote: “Many people are assuming that Ms. Kim was assistant, rather than the child’s mother, and based on racist stereotypes about the roles played by Asian women.”

Cheung pointed out that while she was at a university in London, many people assumed that she was studying medicine or economy just because it was the Sino-British student. It was in fact the study of English literature.

“Not a huge deal. But sometimes assumptions can be more hurtful, and it was a little annoying, but,” she said.Kelly’s mother, Ellen, who lives near Cleveland, Ohio, the eldest daughter, Marion thought, four, and James, nine months, and their father was believed to video call their grandparents.

“Robert is usually Skypes us from his home, which is where the interview he did. Maybe the kids hear the sounds coming from the computer and assumed that it was us. It was just hilarious,” she told the Daily Mail.Her grandmother, aged 72 years: “I just hope won recognition for his expertise and not for this – as large as everything.

“Life happens. The lesson is to lock the door.”