Sooraj Pancholi For Next Film With Ajay Devgan Start Shooting


Actor Suraj pancholi, who first appeared in Bollywood in 2015 with the hero, is now set to start shooting a new film, Love Story, reports the INSE news agency. “I’m starting a movie now, and within 20 to 25 days most likely, I’ll start shooting the film, it’s a love story.

Love story work. “The film will be directed by the choreographers, who will be directed by Remo D ‘Souza, and will also include Ajay Devgan, where the plot revolves around two brothers, a movie, Which will be held in Suraj two years ago.

“Both Ajay and Sorag will receive special training at work,” Rimu told the Pakistan News Agency. “I do not need to talk about the type of training they will undergo. They will train for three months in Germany under the directors of the international movements.” The leading lady in the film has not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the actor even opened up his relationship. In an interview with Filmfare magazine, Suraj said: “I’m in a relationship, not from this industry, it’s a pretty girl, well, guess photographers have not caught us yet.”

Suraj participated in starring Athia Shetty in the hero. The film was produced by Salman Khan and directed by Nicole Advani. The hero was a remake of veteran director Subhash Gaye directing a 1983 film of the same name.Last year, Suraj appeared with actress Jacqueline Fernandez in a music video entitled GVF. The song was directed by Remo D’Souza. The film will be produced by Ajay Devgan Films and T-Se