Sonakshi Sinha: As ‘Women-Centric’ People Should Stop Labelling Films


    Sonakshi Sinha, who is waiting to release her next film Noor Told Betty news agency that people should stop referring to the movies with the female hero as “women centered”. “I really want people to stop calling it ‘female or central,'” said the 29-year-old actress.

    “When a male actor does, no one calls him a male-centered movie, and not the sex of the protagonist.” Sonakshi Sinha will be filmed as a journalist in Noor. The film, released by Sunhill Sibi, is due to be released on April 21.

    “These titles are that” Sonakshi is doing a film based on women, “meaningless, I’m a representative, I’m doing a film and that’s it, and sex should not come here,” Sonakshi Sinha The agency said.

    Rudy Rather “We started our audience recently to receive a film with the female hero and they started to work well. The filmmakers have just started producing a variety of films that may not have been produced earlier, and there will of course be a difference in number The box office also, slowly and steadily will reach the point where we all want to see it and I am pleased to be part of that change. ”

    Noor is based on the Pakistani novelist Saba Prestige Karachi novel, you kill me!. The film also stars Kanan Jill, Shibani Dandikar and Burab Kohli.