Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Is Performing Better Than Hrithik’s, Raees Vs Kaabil


    Reese won Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan Kaabil.In the collection of the first day at the box office, and analysts agree Commerce and film distributors unanimously. Ft commercial analyst Taran Adarsh Group numbers on the first day both films. He revealed that Reese made 20.42 billion rupees rupees

    While Kaabil rupees feet 10.43 billion rupees

    . The Reese “Day 2 sets very spectacular the film Rp 26.3 billion rupees in the Day 2

    Bringing the total to Rs 46.72 billion rupees as for the film Hrithik, spun India

    He said kaabil made Rs 15 billion rupees in the Day 2, bringing the total to 25 crores

    Akshay film Radi new agency Agency distributor said that the film Shah Rukh had an “outperform” Kaabil Hrithik in theaters. “They do all the good movies at the box office, and the world of the mouth for both of them is positive. What works for Reese is the presence of Shah Rukh Khan

    Who was a star for a long time, and the film overall appeal and great dialogues and songs. Even Kaabil contains content

    Last distributor, Rajesh Thadani, agreed with Mr. Radi told the agency: “Shah Rukh is the biggest star, too, and people like the story of Reese so influenced Kaabil.” Mr. Thadani Agency said that Rees opened in 3500 screens while Kaabil opened in 2700 screens. “He held the Raaes for 60-70 percent yesterday, while for Kaabil was 25-35 percent occupancy. Today was a houseful morning programs for each of the films,” said the agency.


    Said Manoj Desai, executive director of fun, Galaxy and Maratha Mandir cinema agency that both films are appreciated” In the theaters we had Reese occupancy at 100 percent, and it was Kaabil 90 percent,” he said.

    The analyst believes the commercial Taran Adarsh and both films have the best business in the Day 2. Tweeted numbers collected from Day 1

    He was scheduled Rees directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Excel Entertainment Farhan Akhtar at the beginning of the release of the last year. However, the release date has been shifted to avoid a clash with the Sultan Salman Khan later with Ezzat Dil Hai problem Karan Johar