Sarah Dunsey Utah teenager reunited with family after she disappeared for month


It encompassed a month after vanishing during a trip to Las Vegas, missing Utah-old 17-year-old Sarah with her family Dunsey counter. Kidnapped teenager details began to emerge, but the FBI has not confirmed she was “sexually trafficking.”

Her mother, Amy Dunsey, the deployment of an emotional video of the girl reunited with her siblings after they were found by authorities in Venice, California. According to The New York Daily News, the young man was taken to hospital and cared for by her mother and grandmother before returning to his country.

In an emotional video posted on Facebook on Sunday (February 19), and is seen hugging her siblings while Sarah hears the voice of a person screaming in the background.

Amy wrote Dunsey: “Many people are curious about what happened, and we are eager to hear more details and we will be involved a little bit more in the next week, and we appreciate your continued support and affection.”.He said the girl stepfather, Todd Ellis “She does not remember much [what happened].

“I was very open with the police, but I do not know exactly what was said and we do not know what the charges against him. And now we must allow them [the police] do their job.”Ellis said: “It [Sarah got really upset when it was reported where we live they kept saying:” They’ll find me, they’ll find me. “He said it really scared.”

Dunsey disappeared from the hotel MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 15, 2017 during a weekend away with her boyfriend. Said Ellis Dunsey her boyfriend and left her to go to the bathroom and returned to find his girlfriend missing after he claimed that sedated with a drug history of rape, according to the Daily Mail.

People said things like, ‘It’s been a fugitive, she intended to leave the [Las Vegas]’ She did not,” Ellis. “It was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

She took her family to social media on February 5 And then released Amy Dunsey video on February 14, confessed to obtain information about the whereabouts of her daughter.The young man was found on Friday (February 17) in Venice Beach, California, in the.