Rival South says it found UAV within its territory , Did North Korea fire spy drone across the border?


The South Korean army reportedly found a spy drone from North Korea inside its border. The drone was found on a mountain near the southern border of South Korea and was equipped with a camera, indicating that the plane was likely to have been launched on a spy mission.

The 1.8-meter-long 2.4-meter plane was found on Friday (June 8th), one day after Pyongyang tested a new type of anti-ship missile, Yonhap News Agency reported.

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, the size and shape of the aircraft is similar to a drone from North Korea that crashed on an island near the border in 2014. That same year, South Korea said it had found three alleged North Korean unmanned drones in border towns. The South Korean News Agency reported that it was conducting an analysis of the 10-day plane.

“The unmanned aerial vehicle found this time to look dirty, but it is more deviant than the previous one,” a South Korean military official told Reuters.According to a UN report, North Korea has 300 unmanned drones of various types, including targeted drone and combat aircraft, as well as reconnaissance aircraft. The kingdom is believed to be developing a new range of high-tech drones to boost its arsenal of weapons.

Tensions between the two rival countries have been steadily increasing over the past year. Pyongyang has also faced strong criticism from the United States in recent months over its numerous missile tests. With the discovery of the last alleged spy plane, reports of concerns about South Korea’s air defenses are speculating as the National Army is involved in attempts to eliminate nuclear weapons programs in the kingdom.


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