Ray Allen Net Worth: How Rich is Ray Allen


Known as Ray Allen in popular culture, he is best remembered as the former American basketball player had the honor to play 18 seasons in the National Basketball League. He has signed to play for the NBA in 1996 after trying his luck at Connecticut College basketball team. Ray Allen is my career three-point field goals made $ 100 million high net worth. Ray Allen is the son of Walter Allen Sr. and Flora. He came third in his five siblings. He was born at Castle Air Force Base near Merced, California. His family has lived most of his life in a military move on and all. He has spent part of his childhood in England and Germany, he said. He began studying at the Hilcrest High School in South Carolina when his passion for basketball and winning basketball championship.



  • Date of Birth: July 20, 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Spouse: Shanon Walker Williams
  • Profession: Basketball player
  • Children: 5


Journey to Stardom:


Ray Allen basketball assistant coach Karl Hobbs when he was deployed by 1993 he had completed his studies at the University of Connecticut to 1996. At the end of his studies and graduated from the University of Connecticut when Ray Allen the journey began, the huskies career scoring list with 1,922 points after the third. It was amazing basketball skills that have notice of landing his first contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the rich owner of the team, so the fifth pick of the 1996 NBA draft rights. The first NBA team to start its commitment to uplift Ray Allen net worth. He then signed by the Milwaukee Bucks. The 2000-2001 season was the most successful efforts. Seattle SuperSonics for which the 2002-2003 season he was associated with many record-breaking match. After the 2004-2005 season, his $ 80 million contract has been extended for the next five years. This significant jump in earnings Ray Allen with a huge margin increased net worth. In the 2007-2012 season after he signed which made him earn big bucks with the Boston Celtics. He renewed his contract with the Boston Celtics for 2 years with a humungous fee became a free agent in 2010. The $ 20 million.


Ray Allen’s team history:

  • Milwaukee bucks
  • Seattle SuperSonics
  • Boston Celtics
  • Miami Heat


Personal life:

Martha’s Vineyard turn Ray Allen married his longtime girlfriend Shanon Williams in 2009. They were dating since 2004. He has five children with her. Ray Allen’s net worth is the owner of two properties, consisting of a mansion house in Massachusetts and Miami. In one of his interviews he admitted to have obsessive-compulsive disorder in their full shooting style. He was appointed Thurgood Marshall as the NBA spokesman for the college fund. He has a history of some scandalous appearance. He said that once her toenails painted green and purple and thus play for his team. He announced his retirement on November 1, 2016 the basketball.

Breakdown of Ray Allen net worth:

Ray Allen earns $ 10 million per year salary. Ray Allen’s net worth $ 180 million in support of their brand, comes from basketball contracts and films.

Milwaukee Bucks                                                                   $47 million

Seattle Supersonics                                                               $55 million

Boston Celtics                                                                         $72 million

Miami Heat                                                                              $6 million

Ray Allen Basketball Skill known for his shooting style. They have also received quite a bit, but he actively participates in philanthropic activities. He also starred in the movie “He Got Game”, his character. “He connected” with his identity and his fans started calling them the nickname. Their income from films, made her a millionaire.