On Facebook Live Is Reunited With Mother, Missing Chicago Teen Who Was Gang Raped


Her mother told reporters that a 15-year-old girl was found missing in Chicago and was reported to have been sexually assaulted by several attackers on Facebook registration. High school students disappeared on Sunday (March 19) and were finally reunited with her mother on Tuesday (March 21st), authorities said.

The girl spent Saturday (18 March) with her uncle, Reginald King, before losing. King told the Chicago Tribune that the next time he saw his niece was on a Facebook Life video, when she was gang raped.

“She was raped, threatened, assaulted and assaulted on tape – on Facebook Live, so no matter what picture people wanted her to paint – she was a chronic runaway or whatever nobody deserved, and no human being deserved to happen to them.” The King told APEC 7 Chicago.

The king confirmed that the teenager included his mother and was taken to hospital on Tuesday. Checked for injuries, including puffy cheeks and hanging lip.Community activity Andrew Holmes said APEC 7 was a “pure hell” situation.Holmes was one of the first to learn about the video, which was said to be at least 40 people. Police said no one was named 911 to report on the live video.

Although no charges have been made, police spokesman Anthony Guillemme has reported that investigators “are making good progress in identifying those involved in the assault on the 10th Guards. Interviews are continuing but no suspects have been officially registered yet.”Mike Scott told the Chicago Tribune that he had been informed late on Tuesday that an incident had been arrested.

Holmes said the authorities knew who they were looking for. “At this point they know little, and perhaps they are in contact with them today, I do not know, but I know they have identified a couple, but there are more than two only.”According to ABC News 7, the victim is still in hospital while recovering from her injuries.