Now ´King Of The Khans´ Is Bollywood Star Aamir


    Mumbai: Three Indian actors share a title that has ruled the Bollywood box offices for three decades, but the success of wrestling films “Dangal” means it is an Emir who is currently the king of the Khan.

    Known as the “Bollywood Caskets,” Amir, Shah Rukh, and Salman were the undisputed stars of the Indian film industry since the mid-1990s, taking them into the supreme rule. But with the shattered records of “Dangal”, Salman suffers from a rare flop and Shah Rukh without a big blow in four years, and the crown is now laid firmly on top of Amer.

    “The Khan was on an equal footing, but Amir is moving forward and Shah Rukh is lagging behind recently,” said commercial analyst Ramesh Bala of the three who all turn 52 this year and who have nothing to do with it. Dangal has set the new and unimaginable parameters of Bollywood’s box office capabilities since it was first launched in India in December last year.

    The Bollywood film soon became the highest, and other ways of Amir films away from the foreground, and made nearly 20 billion rupees ($ 310 million) worldwide. Critics say the film is flexible because it was a national story about the vulnerable who treated India’s perverted position toward girls and tied much of Amir’s success to his careful selection of films with a message.

    The fans gathered until 2014 sci-fi comedy “PK”, No. 2 on the Bollywood total list at all times, for questioning of religious superstitions. In 2009, 3 idiots appealed for a lifelong tale about students struggling to cope with the pressure of becoming engineers. He also points to the fact that Amir does one film every two years on average, while Salman and Shah Rukh release twice a year.


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