North Korea Was Behind Wannacry Attacks Belived By GCHQ Cyber Cops


It is reported that British cybercriminals believe that last month’s Ransomware attacks, which struck ┬áhas as well as many organizations around the world, were launched by North Korea. The National Cyber Security Center (NSC), the Gesch Junction, led the international investigation into the Andakri attacks.

The National Security Commission has reached the conclusion that the Lazarus group was behind the Andakri attacks as part of its investigation into the incident, the BBC reported. The attack was not directed specifically at the National Health Ministry or the British government, but experts consider it an income-generating scheme that is quickly out of reach.

Security experts in the past have linked Lazarus to a series of cyber attacks across the world. The group was also blamed for Sony’s penetration by the FBI. Recently, experts linked the group to a large number of banking superheroes around the world. The North Korean pirates were also linked to the massive Bangladesh bank, which saw $ 81 million stolen by pirates. The nature of the attacks indicates that they may be financial and not politically motivated.

Although the Lazarus group is associated with North Korea, Pyongyang’s leadership role in directing the attacks remains unclear. Some experts believe that the cyber army, which is widely deployed in the kingdom, works primarily as a unit for making money, even as North Korea’s economy faces many international sanctions.

“Crime, terrorism and devastating cyber attacks are consistent with North Korea’s asymmetrical military strategy that confirms sudden attacks and mixed tactics. Criminality and cyber attacks have also added to North Korea’s ability to undermine the international economy and political systems that constrain and punish On them, “said the future registered cybersecurity company in the analysis of the Kingdom’s joke activities.


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