Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2017:How Rich Is Nicole Kidman in 2017?


Nicole Kidman is a very good actress, talented singer and film producer as well. Net worth according to the latest estimates stands at $ 120 million. Nicole is actually among the highest paying performers worldwide.

It first started on Australian television but soon turned into the United States. It was “Dead Calm” from 1989. It was a big hit, also nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Actress. But even before Kidman was a very good actress.

She won the Australian Film Institute’s Best Actress award for supporting roles for Emerald City the previous year. She also won the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in the Miniature Series of “Vietnam” in 1987.


But the dead calm was in every honesty that changed her life. Her fame, recognition and money brought her. Some other notable films by Nicole are Billy Bathgate, Away and Away, To Die for, Portrait of Lady, Batman Forever, Wide Eyes Shut Down, Mulan Rouge !, Others, Watches, and Rabbit Hole among many others.

For “watches”, Kidman received the Academy Award for Best Actress. This is the fame and talent that emerged as the highest paid actress in Hollywood in 2006. So she received $ 12 million for three minutes television commercial. Producers will go to no limit to Nicole’s feature.Nicole Kidman has an active music career as well. She performed the duo “Come Ma Mayo” with Iwan McGregor and “One Day Will Fly Away” from the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge!


Other works include sparkling diamonds, sad Indian diamonds, kiss and unusual road. Something ‘stupid number 8 on the Australian charts and # 1 in the UK.Nicole Tom Cruise married in 1990. But the marriage did not last. They broke up in 2001 because of irreconcilable differences. She then went to Keith Urban’s marriage in 2006.


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