MS-13 Are Smuggling Unaccompanied Minors Into US, New York Congressman Says


New York Congressman Peter King says that nervous violence is not the only issue involving the deadly street gang M-13, or Mara Salvatrusha. The Republican Representative claims that there is a federal program targeting unaccompanied minors who cross the United States illegally with guardians who are exploited by a notorious gang.

The gang allegedly targeted one of the victims after trying to shoot down one of his friends, a member of the association. “Of the recent arrests in the district of Savolk, my region, more than 70 percent were unaccompanied minors,” the king said. The congressman said more than 4,000 minors had entered the area in the past two years.

According to Fox News, the king explained that the program was created to “mainstream” unaccompanied minors into American society. “This is a false dream,” he said. “The truth is that many of them, and a large number of them, are terrorizing the neighborhoods in which they live.” The king said he had spoken to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of the Office of Health and Human Services Tom Price, who “make this a top priority.”

In an interview on Fox News’s first 100 days, law enforcement hearings were sure to remove the violent gang from the streets of the US The Attorney-General said his administration would join the Internal Security Forces to target money-laundering, violence and prostitution in the 13th “on a regular and consistent basis.” “Our aim is to destroy this order to dismantle it,” the meetings said, calling it a “top priority”.


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