Lisa Haydon Pregnancy Announced, A Tricky Affair


Pregnancy and make for an explosive combination of Bollywood. Curiosity, rumor mills buzzing, baby bump photos, announcements – is whether or not pregnant Bollywood celeb who can capture the curiosity of the public, in terms of the day, wins the US elections. Long lover, actress Lisa Haydon sudden marriage with businessman Dino Lalvani, was perfect fodder for rumors to start flowing.

However, Lisa’s refusal to issue or problem rather than PCs chair, went beautifully. They have a small baby bump flaunting and, well, yesterday posted on Instagram, where a charming and picturesque as can be seen in a bikini, she announced her ‘humble beginnings. While the trend in Hollywood, to announce a pregnancy through the most common social media for Bollywood celebrities, it is not so straightforward. These priority after this superstition jinxing, or the fear of being chased him, Celebrities becomes impossible to hide the announcement of their pregnancies.

It is just look like that now a trend set in this Bollywood Industry that actress love to hide that they are pregnant and they don’t even announce that they are pregnant until their Pregnancy becomes visible as to hide this situation is not so easy and not even a single actress is able to hide that she is pregnant  just like Kareena Kapoor.

She tried her level best to hide this news even she wears clothes with looses fitting but like all the other actress she is unable to hide her pregnant situation and after all the rumors she has to admit that she is pregnant now it is a trend sets in bollywood that most of the actress do photo shoots in pregnant condition just like Genelia Deshmukh and Riteish Deshmukh and many of the other use social media.



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