Like Shah Rukh Khan Anushka Sharma Says ‘It’s A Talent To Handle Stardom’


    The actress Anushka Sharma, Which also produced her second film, Fleury, which stars, opened about how to find it difficult to deal with stardom. The actress told the Iranian news agency that the talent to deal with stardom stars such as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan handle.

    “Sometimes I think about it (referring to stardom) and I am afraid, and I have not suffered from a superstar like Salman or Shah Rukh or Amir. But even this (my stardom) can give a false sense, forget what they face. “I will not be able to deal with it, it’s the talent of Salman, Shah Rukh’s way of dealing with stardom.” She made her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh in rap ni Pana de Judy

    Her box office in 2016 was hit, Sultan, was with Salman. Anushka, who released the latter and its second production project is Vlore He scored good at the box office and worked with all three of Bollywood. While sharing her experience working with Jap Tak Hai jan, As quoted by Ines, saying: “I recently worked with Shah Rukh.The dedication with which he works, the enthusiasm, and the amount of respect he gives to the director despite a long way in life, is not easy. ”

    The 28-year-old actress said she was sometimes afraid of stardom and did not want to take it. “I think if I start taking myself very seriously” I’m an actor, “it will affect my creativity. Once the ego enters into your creativity, it destroys you, Stardom gives you a false sense of self, and these temporary things eventually go away.Anushka is currently shooting the film Imtiaz Ali, who has not yet appointed Shah Shah Rukh Khan. This will be the third film of the actress with Shah Rukh.