Kim Jong UN Allegedly Sacks North Korea’s Spy Chief, Executes Several Others For Treason


He reportedly North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sacked the intelligence chief in the country and executed a number of officials in the intelligence agency. Although the real reason for the campaign is unknown, reports from neighboring South Korea that a comprehensive clean-up operation was not only because of being accused of abuse of power and treason by officials, but also because of human rights violations.

It confirmed the South Korean Unification Ministry said Kim Won-Hong, 72, was dismissed from active service at the head of the Ministry of State Security sometime in mid-January time. It has also been reduced his military rank of four-star general for the full two-star major general.

“North Korea [leader Kim Jogn UN and Kim denied key aides who carried out his reign of terror. Instability in the North Korean regime is likely to increase as the members of the elite may become agitated and control system on the North Koreans ordinary may weaken, he said Jeong John is , a spokesman for the unification Ministry. ”

These procedures are not new in Pyongyang as Kim regimehas charged with the implementation of similar purges in the past as well.

However, experts believe that the executions have risen sharply since Kim officially took over the country. It is believed that this should be done to create a strict grip on his regime.

According to reports, in the latest incident had been executed an unknown number of officials in the intelligence service after discovering an upset them guilty of abusing their powers.

The Ministry of Security in North Korea has broad powers as it keeps track of dissidents and supervises the political prisoners. The Ministry is the key to the era of Kim in the country and any shake-up in the organization is likely to change the dynamics of the volatile political system in the country.