Katy Perry After Her Breakup With Orlando Bloom With New Hairstyle


Came last Thursday, Katy Perry from the screen with a new hair style as it was a little before few days tense because of the disintegration of her, after the dam quietens came up with a new hair style everyone was shocked last Thursday she loaded her new images hair style and share them with millions of fans .

I was born Catherine Elizabeth Husdon in October twenty-five in 1984, is a singer of American Hollywood and also a songwriter, he won five American awards as well.

Boyfriend Orlando Bloom after more than ten months separate the relationship now their relationship is no more, it was the first time seemed to disturb her up after the brake and remained quiet as well as a few days after she visited a hair cutting salon, where she changed her hair style as before.

She hairstyle ugly hair chosen but still she looked beautiful and wonderful as it always involved her newly-click on the photos in the Instagram with her fans, and has received many comments on the pictures loves some of them more than ever before, some said it was looking ugly in the new hair style .

Orlando Bloom, Jonathan Blanchard was born on thirteen of January 1977 is the English actor remained in a relationship with Katie January form of last year, the beginning of 2016 began dating after the Golden Globe Awards seventy-third from January 2016 ceremony.

For the first time both seemed happy as many of the places he traveled together and stayed in touch with each other several times people saw them collect, but suddenly something goes wrong in the last month of February 2017 and the brakes came up to the front.

Katy Perry seems to relax now a days as it was again in touch with her fans through social media because they are loaded with newly taking pictures now and again on a daily basis.