It Was His Dog’s Idea To Write Rocky Said By Sylvester Stallone


Actor Sylvester Stallone says that his pet, a polymastif called Potcos, inspired him to write a wonderful rookie in 1971. Mr. Stallone wrote in the emotional letter of Instagram: “We were all thin, hungry and living in flophus over the subway station.

It was “hot and cold cockroaches run” anyway there was not much to do but spend time with each other and this is where I started learning the craft of scriptwriting. Since I did not go out and relied on his mate and actually had his idea to write Rocky. “He also shared a picture of himself with his dog from 1971.

Now, Roque got six years later, and Mr. Stallone said he had to sell Pocus for $ 40 to survive. It was only after the Rocky scenario was purchased, that he could buy the Puchos again, this time for $ 15,000 Mr. Stallone said he was “worth every penny.” “Years later, when things got worse, I had to sell it for $ 40 in front of the 7-Eleven, because I could not afford to eat, and then like the miracle of the modern day, a script for Rocky sold, and I can buy and buy it again, I was desperate and accused me of $ 15,000 … it was worth every penny! “


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