Injured Palestinian Attacker killed By Israeli Soldier, Israeli Soldier Incarcerated For 18 Months


Elor Azari is the name of the Israeli soldier who was sentenced to 18 months in prison, and was seen in the video were wounded Palestinian was killed the attacker, in the past year.The legal team of Elor Azari said that there is a difference between the right-wing nationalists and military forces, and after a trial appealed to the death 18 months.

Military Court, which is located in Tel Aviv, this decision was this decision handing down by the committee, which was composed of three judges declared. It asked the public prosecutor issued the court sentenced him to a term of three to five years but asked Elor Azari court to be merciful to him and open detention asked the court sentenced him.

There are many supporters and even ministers favor Elor but authorities Human Rights mentioned that this decision is lineant and that he should be sentenced to more time.

A human rights activist has seized Palestinian authorities have video of this 21-year-old who was killed Elor Abdul Fateh al-Sharif and the incident happened in the city of Hebron, the West Bank. The activist said that Sharif was seriously wounded in the result of his attack on the Israeli soldiers, and it was the movement but Elor Azari shot him to death.


One of the judges was mentioned in the team that this thing is against the Israeli military moral law, due to the killing of affected community Elor Azari and the whole of Israel, as this thing is related to moral values.He said the court so that it seems to be Elor has no regret about all this, and this man has the Sharif family to send in deep distress.

Sharif’s family and disappointed by this decision and the legal teams of Elor and asked for the postponement of this sentence and supporters and family Elor also supported Elor by singing the national anthem of Israel.It is worth mentioning here that the Minister of Culture of Israel also said that Elor must not sit down one day in prison.