In Syrian Stronghold Of Al-Bab To Turkish Forces, Isis Admits Defeat


The battle for the Liberation of Isis held town in northern Syria door-has ended. He admitted defeat jihadists in a statement issued to channel their news, and the news agency Amaq, on February 23, after fighting against the Turkish troops and Turkish-backed FSA rebels.

While admitting defeat, Isis and claims to have killed 400 Turkish soldiers and rebels, the numbers cannot be verified at the present time.The Turkish defense minister, told a news conference on Thursday (February 23) morning that the army was close to having full control of the city. “Almost all of the door-is under control now, and the process of combing continuing,” he said in a statement carried by state news agency Anatolia.

The commanding general of Forces FSA news agency that the town has been cleared of land mines and booby traps planted in the area by jihadists. “The door center is now under the control of the opposition,” said the commander of the Free Syrian Army Ahmad Shihabi, adding: “We proceed cautiously because many mines and explosives left behind.”

Launched anti Isis process led by Turkey in northern Syria on 24 August 2016 and reached the door to the town on 11 February. Syrian Observatory British-based human rights record has been (Saher) Hundreds of civilian casualties at the hands of Turkish troops as they advanced and entered the city.

In another published in the February 16 Observatory claiming at least 419 civilians have been killed by Turkish troops in the final phase of the attack, which began on February 7 – 51 of them women and 88 children. Figures can not be independently verified, although they match reports in the Syrian Arab News Agency state-run.

“Euphrates shield” the Turkish military operation in Syria is not only targeting the Islamic state, as Ankara also ordered air strikes against the forces that led to the Kurdish self-rule in Syrian Kurdistan region in northern Syria. Turkey lists the groups such as the protection units of the Kurdish people (YPG) terrorists of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Kurdish forces are a key ally of the coalition forces, the US-led anti-ISIS in the largest stronghold in Syria, Al Riqqa City. Turkey has been a vocal increasingly desire to lead the fight against Isis in tenderness and for the United States to stop the support of the Kurds. However, military officials from the coalition forces, which the United States and the Syrian defense forces, led by the Kurds, who continue to progress toward the city, are led and said the best hope for the payment of Isis tenderness.