In India Walks On All Fours ‘Mowgli’ Girl Found Living With Monkeys


Police found a girl living with a group of monkeys in a wildlife sanctuary near the Nepalese border in India. Now the girl – who does not seem to understand any language and was walking on the four – has been dubbed “The Real Life Mowgli” after the brutal child of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Book of the Jungle”.

The officers found the girl carrying a pack of wild monkeys two months ago while he was patrolling the Katarnijat Wildlife Reserve near the Nepalese border, authorities told The Times of India. When the officers tried to communicate with the girl, she and the monkeys were both screaming at humans approaching. The authorities eventually persuaded her to stay with them and has been recovering in a local hospital since then.

Authorities say she does not know who she is or where she came from. Since the girl does not speak or write, the authorities have been unable to find out anything about her identity. The Times said the girl was 8 years old, although it was unclear how the authorities could tell the girl’s age.

One of the hospital’s senior medical officials said the girl “eats and walks like animals and evades seeing humans.””She has signs on her skin, she seems to have lived with the animals for some time now, she is better and healthier, showing improvement,” said Dick Singh

Doctors told the Times that they are often violent and fear other human beings. She has been taught to take care of the girl on the walk, but she still often used all four to move. Local reports did not say whether the hospital staff gave the girl a name.

The girl is not the first documented case of a child living with monkeys. A South African boy named Saturday was finally found in two instances in 1987 living with monkeys in Sundumbili.

After a decade he was still walking on all four and did not develop language skills. British women Marina Chapman claimed to have lived with monkeys from the age of 4-9 in the Colombian jungle and later wrote a book about the experiment. A crippled Nigerian boy named Belo lived with the chimpanzees in 1996 after being abandoned by his family.


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