In Hungary Hit By Tough Parliament-Backed Sanctions, George Soros-Founded University


Hungary’s parliament approved the new laws that have some expression and billionaire George Soros had seen as a crackdown on freedom of liberal values appear to be targeting a university rate.Founded by an English-speaking university and the American Institute Soros – – Central European University (Budapest amendments after supporters gathered outside the campus CEU) were a current higher education law.

Critics say the new bill, effectively it will remove both CEU Budapest and the country as in their home countries is the need foreign universities have a campus.It would also prohibit universities outside the EU to Hungary diploma without an agreement between national governments. CEU,

With the new amendments of 38 voting against and one abstaining and 38 of 199 seats in parliament, approved on Tuesday (4 April) with the support of 123 lawmakers.Hungary’s governing Fidesz party’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said in a radio interview that the CEU as Friday – -gave it an unfair advantage over their counterparts in Hungary, while Hungary issued a US degree.

In a reference to Soros – The New York Times, Orban University a “fraud,” he added, “Even if you’re a billionaire, Hungary can not be above the law”.Ader, signs the law was quickly put out by parliament and president, János land that will become law, which is usually a formality.

Staff, the students and hundreds of supporters waving blue signs “around CEU building in central Budapest to show their support for the veto” institution.CEU, the eight sectors is counted among the top 200 universities in the world, vowed to fight the bill.

The attack on the institution of the University Provost Liviu Matei “were completely unfounded” and the new rules are “an attack on academic freedom,” he said.

That the firm’s president and rector Michael Ignatieff called on the President not to sign a bill of human rights scholars say: “We have not done anything wrong Budapest is our home.”The ruling Fidesz party vice president said, Szilárd Németh Jan NGOs that want to “sweep out” the government powered Soros Fund.

George Soros, 86, was born in Budapest, Hungary and many international funds, which is about 60 groups based on their liberal Open Society Foundation, where.One of the world’s 30 richest people, he was considered a central figure in helping different groups of funds have helped make the shift from communism in Eastern Europe and Hungary in the early 1990s.


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