If Pakistan Carry on To Ethic Cleaning, Than It Reduces to Hump Called Punjab


Defence expert Maj. Gen. (ret.) At Saturday P. Sehgal Pakistan Army then faced many areas does not improve the ethnic cleansing and as simply called a hump Punjab protest against Islamabad will. “Now Pakhtunistan, is being compared is not right up Balochistan, Sindh, Pok eight GB and Pakistan way then to reduce it to call a hump Punjab. Writing on the wall is very clear that Pakistan their armies to take the call, “he said. As in the rebellion against the ethnic cleansing of minorities Sehgal called the killing is being targeted at playing in a major way in Pakistan.

“They (Pakistan) have been killed in a major way Hindus less than 22 percent to two percent in practice and he did the same with the Sikh community and the Christian community, and they are for the Shia community and the same can be done against Pashtuns, “he said.

Echoing similar sentiments, Maj. Gen. (ret.) S.R. Sinho said Pakistan is making a big mistake.He alleged that the Pakistan Army has been involved in the terrorist outfit. I think Pakistan is the biggest mistake by doing this kind of thing,” he said.Daud Khattak old Pashtun separatist leader warned that the Pakistan Army may use nuclear weapons to end soon, members of their community.

“Pakistan Army used heavy weapons against us. Pakistan had used the Pashtun people of Russia and the Afghan government before, and it still wants to use them as terrorists, but we have them are not doing this. Why did Pakistan’s why US bombing, “Khan claimed.

“We are building a Pashtunistan Liberation Army will launch an armed struggle against Pakistan. We Ben will try to help the international community. The threat of terrorism, should the world, our support of Pashtuns freedom will end terrorism in the region, because, “he said.

He added that at least 50 terrorist camps in Khyber Pahkhtunkwa, Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (the ISI is run by i) alleged and the latter too radical Islamist and Jamiyat run by members recruited madarsaas the -ulema Islam.They use these recruits against India and Afghanistan and some are routed to Syria and other Middle East countries,” Khan added.

He also called on the international community to the problems of Pakistan Army has transformed the Pashtun community to intervene.Pakistan Pashtuns are the third largest ethnic group, and they had already suffered at the hands of the Pakistani Taliban for seven consecutive years.



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