If Enough Republicans Oppose Trump’s Plan Government Shutdown Can Happen, Will The Wall Be Built?


President Trump’s initial promise of a campaign was simple: if elected, he would order the federal government to build a massive “large and beautiful” wall about 2,000 miles across the Mexican-American border.

Trump has now sat in the Oval Office, and has quickly realized that getting enough votes to support his political agenda in the House can be difficult. After failing to make another promise of his campaign – to abolish and replace the Affordable Care Act – Trump could find himself facing a possible government lock down if he could not rally enough Congress behind his border wall and was expected to cost $ 20 billion.

He said the Republicans had put forward a proposal that would amend Trump’s budget and leave his border plans out of the federal funding bill for the next fiscal year. Congress holds until April 28 to vote and vote on the White House budget to avoid a government shutdown.

“What I want to see is a plan on how to spend money and discuss good faith about border security,” he said in an interview with Politico newspaper published Tuesday. . “We did not get that.”

The recently leaked documents of the Homeland Security Department revealed that the Trump administration had set only $ 20 million to start a project to build the president’s southern border – nearly $ 19,980,000,000 of the total price Democrats warn that US taxpayers will eventually have to To pay