‘I Never Forget’ Trump Has Ominous Message For Republicans Who Didn’t Endorse Him


The US president, Donald Trump said he would “never forget” those people who have failed to support him during his presidential campaign.Making the Republican comment during a meeting with the governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, who did not support Trump during the race.

President joked: “Come, wallets, although you did not recognize me!” MP also met to discuss plans for industrialization in the state, reports the hill.Commenting echoed by Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation, which Snyder said: “It is not forgotten.”

Trump replied: “Never forget.”


The former president has suggested that he is not a fan of people who have failed to support him during the election campaign – with Snyder, suggesting that it was not the first person to have received such a comment from the president.Trump thinking in words, Snyder said and said: “I mean, he made this comment is for a few people.

“So I see it as something that, let’s move forward, let us build bridges, let’s make the economy more robust in our country,” the Detroit News reported.Snyder did not endorse any of the candidates during the 2016 elections – did not back Trump once he got the Republican nomination.


The head of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan among others who have a long time to support the Trump took, with constant disagreement between the pair ends apparently only after Trump win the 2016 elections.