Houston Flood:President Donald Trump Visit Texes epic damage as Harvey;s rain


US President Donald Trump is going by Texas as the state battles in the midst of record precipitation from a gigantic tempest. He and First Woman Melania Trump traveled to Corpus Christi, where Hurricane Harvey initially made landfall on Friday.

Senator Greg Abbott said he needed the president to comprehend the huge difficulties that Texans confronted. Phenomenal flooding has driven a huge number of individuals from their homes, especially in the Houston region where two dams are flooding.


No less than nine individuals are accounted for to have kicked the bucket, including six individuals from a similar family whose van was cleared away by rising floodwater, and a man in his 60s who evidently suffocated while attempting to swim to wellbeing.

The president said in Corpus Christi, Texas: “We need to show improvement over ever some time recently. We need to be taken a gander at in five years and in a long time from now as, ‘This is the best approach to do it.’ This was of epic extent. Nobody has ever observed anything like this and I simply need to state that working with the senator and his whole group has been a respect for us.”


An 11th death was accounted for on Tuesday – Houston Police Sergeant Steve Perez, 60, a 34-year veteran of the power whose body was found after evidently suffocating while at the same time endeavoring to get the opportunity to take a shot at Sunday, Police Boss Art Acevedo told columnists. Acevedo said Perez’ family had encouraged him not to go out in light of the unsafe flooding yet the officer let them know, “We have work to do.”


Approximately 3,500 individuals have been safeguarded from high waters in the Houston territory with police, firefighters and National Watch troops proceeding to attempt to find those marooned in high waters.